Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union and the Trotskyists

Great, here's CTU’s Jesse Sharkey, a member of International Socialists Organization, and World Socialist Web going after him as a sell out.  ISO and WSW both old time Trotskyists groups and there’s nothing more bitter than a faction fight among these folks.  God help Chicago School kids.
Below via WSW.
At a CTU press conference announcing the agreement, union president Karen Lewis described the agreement as “a win for students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and clinicians.” This was echoed by commentators in the bourgeois media, who have widely described the agreement as a victory for both sides and taken it as a sign that a teachers’ strike has been averted.  
The International Socialist Organization (ISO)—represented in the leadership of the CTU through its member Jesse Sharkey, the vice president of the union—published an article on the socialistworker.org web site entitled “Rahm blinks first in battle with teachers.” In that piece, authors Lee Sustar and Nicole Colson describe the agreement as a “stinging defeat” for Emanuel. They claim it was the result of pressure put on Emanuel through the organization of rallies, marches, and protests, as well as a strike authorization vote approved by 90 percent of the CTU membership.  
The sentiment that the CTU delivered a major victory to teachers was expressed by a variety of pseudo-left or liberal groups and individuals, including Labor Notes, who called the agreement a “major victory,” and Diane Ravitch, who said it was a “stunning victory.”  
In making these statements, the ISO and Labor Notes are attempting to prevent a rebellion of teachers against the CTU, which would be the natural reaction of the rank-and-file teachers were they to learn of the real complicity the union has in these attacks upon them. By keeping teachers within the CTU, these organizations also ultimately seek to prevent any real struggle against the policies of Emanuel and the Democratic Party.
Chicago Teachers Union agrees to lengthening of the school day
Update: Pat Hickey has a nice piece over at the Chicago Daily Observer on Jesse Sharkey.

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