Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Daniel Frawley update from Illinois Pay to Play

Funny thing about conspiracies is sometimes there real.  Via Illinois Pay to Play

Update:  Daniel T Frawley's date to report to prison has now been pushed back to after the presidential election , and Frawley's attorney Thomas M Durkin will likely be made a federal judge within days. Barack Obama nominated Mr Durkin to be a federal judge and Sen.  Dick Durbin has given his strong support to Durkin's nomination.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists, but Tom Durkin and Daniel Frawley's families grew up together.

Dan Frawley donated heavily to State Representative Jim Durkin's political campaigns. Jim Durkin is Tom Durkin's brother.

Daniel Frawley is a convicted felon who has history of psychological and emotional problems since he was a small child. He was a Chicago policeman for a mere 7 months before he was forced to resign after engaging in a fist-fight with black officers after hurling racial epithets.

He also has a history of telling tall tales including "war stories" from Vietnam, although he never served in the military and indeed has never been to Asia.