Monday, August 27, 2012

Samuel Braverman RIP

My Dad would take me to Braverman's on Chicago Ave just west of Ashland for Corn Beef Sandwiches and a Potato Pancake. The owner Samuel Braverman passed in March. From his obit in the Trib.

As did many people of his generation, he worked very hard all his life to achieve the American Dream of a loving family and a successful business. During his long business career, he owned many businesses, but one, Braverman's Cafeteria Restaurant, received local and national recognition as the place "where the corned beef came through the rye." Braverman's trademark Corned Beef sandwich was a truly iconic Chicago delicacy. In 1966 he was honored by being on the cover of the Chicago Sun-Times Midwest Magazine, which featured Braverman's.

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