Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan: Bold Choice

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “A Decidedly Bold Stroke…” “The news that Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee today in Norfolk, Virginia amounts to a decidedly bold stroke … a pick that will almost certainly turn the race into a choice between two competing — and strikingly contrasting — visions for the country.” (Chris Cillizza, “Mitt Romney Goes Bold (And Risky) With Paul Ryan Vice Presidential Pick,” The Washington Post, 8/11/12)

Time: “With Paul Ryan, Romney Goes ‘Bold’ And Clarifies The 2012 Choice” (Time, 8/11/12)

NBC News: “Romney Went Bold.” “With all signs pointing to Mitt Romney selecting Paul Ryan as his VP running mate tomorrow in Norfolk, VA, Romney went bold.” (Mark Murray And Domenico Montanaro, “Paul Ryan's Strengths And Weaknesses,” NBC News, 8/11/12)

The Wall Street Journal: “Mitt Romney Is Going With A Bold Choice…” “By picking Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney is going with a bold choice…” (Patrick O'Connor, “Q&A: Ryan’s Strengths And Weaknesses,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/11/12)

The Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson: “Mitt Romney Goes Bold With Paul Ryan As Running Mate” (Boston Globe, 8/11/12)

·         The Boston Globe: “He Went Bold.” “In the end, Mitt Romney did what many experienced politicos believed he would not do. He went bold.” (Glen Johnson, “Mitt Romney Goes Bold With Paul Ryan As Running Mate,” Boston Globe, 8/11/12)

ABC News: “An Unusually Bold Move...” “Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who Republican sources tell ABC News has been selected as Mitt Romney's running mate, is young and politically tested. … Choosing Ryan would be an unusually bold move...” (Gregory J. Krieg, “Paul Ryan Is High-Risk, High-Reward For Mitt Romney,” ABC News, 8/11/12)

Politico: “A Bold Choice For Romney…” “Mitt Romney has selected House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) as his running mate, and will unveil the ticket at an event in Norfolk, Va. Saturday morning, Republican sources confirmed to POLITICO. The move is a bold choice for Romney…” (Jonathan Martin And Maggie Haberman, “Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan As Running Mate,” Politico, 8/11/12)

ABC News: “Analysis: Romney Makes Bold Bet With Paul Ryan” (ABC News, 8/11/12)

Los Angeles Times: “A Bold Choice…” “Ryan, of Wisconsin, is a bold choice for the ever-cautious Romney campaign.” (Los Angeles Times, 8/11/12)

The Washington Examiner: “Romney Goes Bold With Ryan As VP Pick” (The Washington Examiner, 8/11/12)

The Daily Caller: “Bold Choice For Romney.” “Choosing Ryan would be seen as a bold choice for Romney.” (Paul Conner, “Romney To Announce VP Choice Saturday Morning In Virginia,” The Daily Caller, 8/10/12)

The Huffington Post’s Jon Ward: “Ryan Is A Bold Pick…” “Ryan is a bold pick who will energize the Republican Party…” (Jon Ward, “Mitt Romney Set To Pick Paul Ryan As Running Mate,” The Huffington Post, 8/11/12)

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