Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NIAC - National Indian American Coalition interview with Representative Judy Biggert

Follow the link below for a video with Congresswomen Biggert.  Also note Joe Walsh has signed on to HR 1699.  I think the Indian American vote may be the difference if both of their races.

The Executive Committee of National Indian American Coalition ( hosted a lunch meeting with Congresswoman Judy Biggert (R-IL) on June 10th, 2011 at its headquarters in Carol Stream, IL. The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint Ms. Biggert on the formation of NIAC and present issues important to Indian Americans.

After introductions, Mr. Shalli Kumar made a high tech power point presentation embedded with many video clips. The PPT pointed out that Indian Americans are the most well to do ethnic group in the US. They have the highest median income, have the highest education with 67% having a Bachelor’s degree as compared to 28% nationally. Indian Americans strongly believe in self-reliance, take the least from Government and make the highest level of contributions to charities. More than 57% are in professional or managerial positions. We have the highest ratio of entrepreneurs, one in seven. Out of a total population of about 3 million, 400,000 have their own businesses, employing 1.2 million jobs and generating $150 billion per year in revenue. Indian Americans in general believe in hard work, fiscal discipline, rewarding success not failure, spending within your means, balanced budgets, save for the future for your kids, strong family values, less intrusive government, less regulatory burdens, lower taxes, and a strong national defense against terrorism. All these traits should make the Republican party pay a lot more attention to the Indian American community.


NIAC Executive committee urged Congresswoman Judy Biggert to support HR 1699 (introduced by Ted Poe and Allen West) with a change that requires Certification to be done by Congress instead of Secretary of State. She expressed general support for the Bill and stated that she would most likely sign-on to it, but asked for a few days to study all the fine points of the Bill and then issue a statement. She agreed that it should be Congress who should certify Pakistan’s compliance on war on terror, and not the Administration.

NIAC - National Indian American Coalition; For Individual Responsibility

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