Thursday, August 16, 2012

Florida: Romney 45%, Obama 43%

So much for Ryan tanking the senior vote,

Election 2012: Florida President - Rasmussen Reports™

Retirees are a sizable bloc of voters in Florida, and Democrats are already criticizing Ryan’s Medicare reform proposal in an effort to win those voters. But 48% of the state’s voters fear the president’s health care law more than Ryan’s proposal when it comes to the future of Medicare. Just 41% fear Ryan’s proposal more.

Among seniors, 54% are more fearful of the president’s plan.

Romney now holds a 24-point lead over Obama among Florida voters 65 and older. Last month, the GOP challenger held a 17-point lead in this age group.

Mitt Romney and President Obama still run nearly even in Florida just days after the Republican named Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

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