Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Tammy Duckworth, Joe Walsh, and Heroism

The story over at the Daily Herald.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth Tuesday accused Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh of attacking her military service and a video of some of his comments is drawing national attention, providing another blow in the heated contest for Congress from the 8th District.

Duckworth attacks Walsh over military comments -

I was at that Town Hall. Walsh’s quote is in the Daily Herald link.  He didn’t question her Heroism.  He questioned her refusal to debate how much more Heroism the US is going to ask of the troops in the coming months.

Duckworth is silent on the Drone Wars in Pakistan in a district with one of the largest Pakistani populations in the US.  She is silent on Obama’s support for NATO intervention in Libya without advice of Congress.  She is silent on Iran as we send more ships to the Gulf.

What we owe the troops is complete discussion of what we’re going to ask of them. Joe does Town Hall after Town Hall.  I’m the only guy who asks Foreign Policy questions.  He’s always responsive.

Tammy’s not available or responsive.  Yes she’s a hero but now the questions are how much more heroism is America going to ask for?   She shouldn’t be ducking those questions. We owe the troops much better.

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