Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nominations for Chicago’s Committee on Un-Chicagoan Activities

A quote from Cardinal George,

I was born and raised here, and my understanding of being a Chicagoan never included submitting my value system to the government for approval. Must those whose personal values do not conform to those of the government of the day move from the city? Is the City Council going to set up a “Council Committee on Un-Chicagoan Activities” and call those of us who are suspect to appear before it? I would have argued a few days ago that I believe such a move is, if I can borrow a phrase, “un-Chicagoan.”

via Catholic Chicago Blog - Reflections on “Chicago values”

Any thoughts on who should sit on such a committee?  Alderman Burke as Chair I suppose.

Feel free to suggest in comments.  Take it for granted exemptions to appear before such a committee could always be obtained through the purchase of  enough tickets to Golf outing fundraisers.  That’s a fundamental Chicago value.  (And you better sell your quota buddy if you want to keep that City job.)

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pathickey said...

Bill you Old Bohemian!

No Blue Ribbon anything hereabouts can be seriously taken without Chris Kennedy as Chair!

Members (naturalment)must include -

Dawn Clark Netsch
Forrest Claypool
Mike Too Tall Quigley'
Abner Mikva
Andy Shaw (ad hoc)
Some Person of Color of course