Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Felsenthal Files on George Soros’s J Street in Illinois’s 8th funding Tammy Duckworth

Via Felsenthal Files on J Street funding Duckworth,

The Tribune’s Rick Pearson reported last week that Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic challenger in the race for the 8th Congressional District, outraised the tea party-backed freshman, Joe Walsh, in the second quarter. Duckworth’s $888,790 total take included almost $50,000 “steered” to her by J Street, a D.C.-based PAC that is finding a stronghold here in Chicago as it strives to be the alternative to AIPAC, the powerful, sometimes hawkish granddaddy of lobbyists for Israel.

A relatively new (circa 2008) group whose purpose is to promote the two-state path to a Middle East peace, J Street “steered” $47,733 to Duckworth, who is  on the record favoring  “a two-state solution”—while Walsh wrote in a Washington Times op-ed piece that “…everyone who continues to cling to the delusion of a two-state solution is insane.” 

J Street, Progressive Alternative to AIPAC, Backs Area Congressional Candidates - Felsenthal Files - July 2012

Eli Lake had a piece in the Washington Times Sep 24, 2010 on J Street as largely a George Soros creation, and a connection J Street took some effort to hide.

Weekly Standard explains best what’s behind J Street efforts in Illinois Congressional races. Michael Goldfarb in the Weekly Standard: J Street Goes Even Further Left,

As Ben-Ami wrote on the Huffington Post this week, in the wake of a failed campaign to dissuade members of Congress from signing on to AIPAC-sponsored letters in support of Israel’s right of self-defense, Congress should stop offering unqualified support for Israel and  “stand behind the President - or at least not stand in his way - if he steps forward in the coming months with a meaningful initiative to lead the way to a negotiated two-state agreement.”

Translation: Stand with President Obama as he pressures Israel to take decisions that are not in what Israeli leaders, and the Israeli public, see as their best interests.

And after yesterday’s unanimous vote in the Senate passing a tough new round of unilateral sanctions on Iran, J Street put out a statement that plainly said, "We are opposed to the use of military force by Israel or the United States against Iran." Even the Obama administration leaves open the possibility that force might ultimately be the only option, and reins in senior officials who suggest otherwise. Certainly no one in Livni’s Kadima would publicly rule out the use of force should sanctions fail to dissuade the Iranian regime from it current course.

J Street clearly does not share a viewpoint with Kadima. If anything it shares a viewpoint with Meretz, Israel’s hippy-dippy left-wing eco-party that boasts all of three seats in the Knesset. The views J Street espouses have been overwhelmingly rejected in Israel. They’ve been overwhelmingly rejected in Congress.

Unfortunately, this White House is exactly where J Street is on the peace process, on the blockade, on settlements, and you have to worry they’re in the same place on Iran, too, despite the occasional half-hearted insistence to the contrary.

Questions on the middle east Duckworth really ought to answer if she would only bring herself to debate with Walsh.  She’s not inclined to do that.  I wouldn’t want defend J Street though either.

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