Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elgin Democrats collecting signatures on Move to Amend petitions at Secretary of State's Office

Had some business this morning over at the Secretary of State's office in Elgin and found these two women collecting signitures for Move to Amend.

I asked a couple of State Workers in the office what was going on and they said they thought it was wrong.

I told the woman on the left in this picture I thought it was wrong for her to be there collecting signatures and she told me to go complain if I didn't like it.  She identified herself as Donna Griffen Leggo of the Elgin Democrats.

No idea if this is legal or not, but like the workers inside, it sure feels wrong.  So guess I'll complain.  I was standing at the doorway into the office when I took this pic so they weren't far from the entrance.  The whole area is State property.

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