Monday, July 02, 2012

Bill Foster and the Playboy Bunnies: ever evolving Liberalism.

A quote below on a event at Grinnell College that occurred a few years before I entered. Came to my mind reading Kerry Lester’s account of Bill Foster using Playboy Bunnies for a fund raising event. Lapdog playthings with idealized proportions running through Bill Foster’s scientific mind I suppose.  Finding the slopes of those curves.

From the early years of women's liberation, Playboy was a consistent target of protests and picketers for its "perpetuation of degrading stereotypes of women." (21) Hefner biographer Russell Miller writes: "[Feminists] infiltrated the Playboy Mansion in Chicago and plastered the paintings in the ballroom with anti-Playboy stickers. Demonstrations took place outside Playboy Clubs and at Grinnell College in Iowa, [where] half a dozen male and female students stripped during a visit by a Playboy representative." (22) One Grinnell woman declared: "We protest Playboy's images of lapdog female playthings with idealized proportions.... The Playboy bunnies are an affront to human sexual dignity." (23) Despite Hefner's perception that militant feminism was the thorn in his side, activists from various points on the feminist spectrum targeted Playboy.

Via The battle in every man's bed: Playboy and the fiery feminists.(Essay) - Journal of the History of Sexuality

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