Friday, July 06, 2012

Aiham Alsammarae: An Obama donor slammed by RNC in 2008 gives to Romney

Geez, Alsammamarae’s donating to the Romney campaign now.  Obama donor slammed by RNC in 2008 gives to Romney –

It’s not just a Blagojevich / Rezko player switching sides. It’s also the appalling speech Alsammarae made on Radio Sawa in Arabic (so we dopes in the US wouldn’t catch it?)

Via Nibras Kazimi's Talisman’s Gate on the speech in the link above,
In an astounding and blatantly treasonous assertion for a U.S. citizenship holder, he stated that “the [insurgency] in Iraq is a legitimate resistance [movement] and it is against occupation and any resistance in the world against occupation is considered legitimate, and I hope that the [insurgency] continues and avenges the Iraqi people and I look forward to expanding its political agenda.”

I know there’s free speech and all, but isn’t calling for more attacks on U.S. troops a violation of sorts? Isn’t it ethically reprehensible? If Alsammarae’s citizenship can’t be revoked, can’t he be prosecuted on something else?
Romney and the GOP don’t need this donation. Dan Rutherford please call the campaign and let them know who they're partnering with here.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see this as odd or malicious, or whatever you are trying to spin it as. Rather, it's the actions of an average American who is not aligned to one party or another and when election time comes he or she chooses who they think is best. It's pretty middle of the road.

Is the crime here that he hasn't indoctrinated himself with one party as you have?

Also, what's the point of a poorly translated, out-of-context speech have anything to do with the rest of this article? I know you're going for guilt by association, but if your readers aren't brain-dead they should see you're laying it on pretty thick.

Lastly, Obama's spanking Romney in the ratings. Your boy needs all the money he can get.