Saturday, June 09, 2012

Wisconsin governor hailed at conservative conference in Rosemont -

From the Trib’s Rick Pearson’s take on CPAC,
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, also a potential vice presidential candidate, offered “my condolences” to Illinoisans in the crowd. Christie said that when he was a federal prosecutor and even now as governor, he thanks God in his nightly prayers for keeping Illinois ahead of New Jersey when it comes to government corruption and higher taxes.

Christie labeled as an “outrage” Obama’s comments Friday faulting Republicans for not doing more to help state and local governments because “the big challenge we have in our economy right now is state and local government hiring has been going in the wrong direction.”

“The president fundamentally believes that the way to support our economy is to take more taxes from all of you and spend it on more public workers who will then pay a fraction of that money back in taxes. If anybody ran a business like that, they would be out of business quickly and Barack Obama’s leadership is driving this business, the United States of America, towards a fiscal cliff,” Christie said. “He’s the one who put forward an ineffective, wasteful stimulus plan that did nothing to help this economy.”
Wisconsin governor hailed at conservative conference in Rosemont -
This was the first time I had heard Christie in person and he was impressive.  Probably one of the best among a lot of very good speakers.  This guy’s filled with energy and it really came across.

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