Tuesday, June 26, 2012

‘Stop the Violence’ Cease Fire Week in Cicero

Kind of rough when you start looking bad compared to Larry Dominick.  Credit Cicero and Maywood for keeping a lid on violence.  Does anyone from Chicago bother to call them up and ask how?

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick has a message for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Any time the mayor of Chicago would like to visit Cicero and see how our police department combats gang violence, he is more than welcome to do so.”

During a press conference earlier in the week to kick-off Cicero’s sixth annual Cease Fire Week in collaboration with Corazón Community Services, Dominick revealed the fact that Cicero has seen fewer homicides in the last year compared to the City of Chicago that experienced over 200 homicides in 2012, according to the Chicago Police Department.

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