Friday, June 15, 2012

Shooting shows how far we have to go

Arlene Jones on a first hand view of the carnage that’s becoming routine in Chicago.

Last week Wednesday, I got to see up close and personal the carnage going on in this city. I was visiting friends near Roosevelt and Sacramento when the sound of gunfire erupted. POW, POW, pow, pow, pow, bang, bang-bang, bang, bang rang out.

My friend hit the floor while I remained transfixed on her couch, unable to move. When she finally looked out the door after about a minute, less than 300 feet away a young man lay on the grass. He had been shot multiple times. As I ran toward him, I realized I didn't have my cellphone.

But the young lady next to me, whom I didn't know, had her phone. And guess what she was doing? Telling a friend about the shooting. I had to actually tell her to call the police! The shooting took place less than four blocks away from the 11th District (Harrison Street) police station.

Shooting shows how far we have to go

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