Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ignores gang violence

A press release from the ILGOP on the staggering violence in Chicago.

Going after Catholic Charities seems awfully lame when we have thugs taking over the streets, murdering citizens on their porches, slaughtering young Chicago men, and the AG wants to tackle those hateful homophobes at Catholic Charities?

This is the weird bizarre world of Chicago liberals and the only part that makes sense is maybe the AG swayed by the votes gangs deliver?

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today called on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to finally engage in combating the surge in Illinois gang violence.

"Under Attorney General Madigan, we have seen an explosion in gang violence, including murders of innocent bystanders and Lisa Madigan has done nothing to combat it,” said Brady. "In New York, the state's top law officer leads the charge in major anti gang operations, most recently indicting 52 for gang and drug activity.”

There has been over 30 homicides in the City of Chicago since the end of the NATO Summit on May 21st.

“Here in Illinois, Lisa Madigan is content issuing edicts about the perils of buying a used car,” Brady added. “She has abdicated her role as the State’s Chief Law enforcement officer. As Attorney General, she has the tools to fight gang violence but unfortunately, she has chosen not to use them.”

Illinois Republican Party

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