Friday, June 08, 2012

CPAC Chris Christie

*** Big round of applause for Christie.

*** New Jersey's leading the way after Corzine and McGreevy.

*** First step was cut $2.2b by Executive Order.  To NJ Legislature on cuts: You created this mess, I just fixed it, you can thank me later.

*** It's standing room only here by the way.

*** Leadership matters; standing for your principles matters: the lessons from Christie's fight with his state house.

*** The public pension system was $54billion underfunded; state workers $60billion underfunded.  That state's budet was only $20billion.  No way people of NJ elected him to not address this problem.  Gotta raise the retirement age, increase employee contribution, and eliminated COLAs till funds are solvent.

*** You've got to build relationships with like minded Democrats.

*** C ought to be Romney's VP.  I thought his weight made him a health time bomb, but man he is good up there explaining what needs to be done, and how.

*** Europe is giving us a preview.  Every generation of Americans is judged by the generation that comes after.  Now we're in our moment of crisis.  Not as severe as that faced by the greatest generation, but severe enough.  How will we be judged?  We stood for our principles and made the hard decisions to make it great for our children and grandchildren?  Promise from Christie.  If we stand with him, he'll stand with us, we must fight together or the next couple of months, telling the truth, and doing the hard things.  Let's get to work.

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