Friday, June 08, 2012

CPAC Chicago: Bobby Jindal

  • Anybody who visited Wisconsin know the radical left have taken over the Democratic Party.
  • Jindal's doing a recap on the Wisconsin Walker Recall story.
  • Good stuff but we've heard it.
  • Why didn't Obama go to Wisconsin?  Because of fear of losing.  That's not what leaders do.  There's a lesson in leadership here.  
  • Next think we need to do is elect Gov Romney and replace Obama.
  • This Prez election will be the most important of our lifetime.
  • Every generation of Americans has left more for their children; Obama's managing America's decline.  Those are the two visions at stake in election.
  • Jindal's hitting stride now on education reform and school choice.  Dollars need to follow the child.  Parents know best for their kids.
  • 80% of New Orleans kids in charter schools.  Outcomes have doubled.
  • Obama administration is nexus of Liberalism and Incompetency.
  • Obama's Liberalism well understood.  The Incompetency is just starting to come out.
  • He's talking the BP oil spill now and really on a roll.  Stories about Federal incompetency because of the Administration's leadership great stuff.

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