Friday, June 08, 2012

Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring on Foreign Policy

*** Tough following Chris Christie. on F

*** Hanna points out correctly FP is the one area where Obama gets favorable polling.

*** Doug Bandow: What should a Conservative FP be?

  • Core of Reagan's policy was we want to defend ourselves, and our limited government. Two things that can conflict. 
  • Danger's out there but not the same danger of the cold war.
  • We're not focused on big things and big threats, but instead Nation Building.  Our FP is disconnected from fundamental interests.
  • Syria's awful stuff, but is US interests involved.  Reagan's greatest mistake was going into Lebanon.
  • It's hard enough to Social Engineer in the US.  How do we do it overseas?
*** Jim Carafano: from Heritage foundation.
  • American Conservative movement has always diverged FP.
  • We should never neglect readiness regardless how we disagree on FP and Defense.
  • We've been living off Reagan's rearmament for thirty years.
  • Obama's going to cut, we need to rearm the force. 
*** Joseph Mooris
  • What are the principles of American FP?  Ought to be the founding ones.  The Universality of our principles problematic.  Get's is outside our boundaries.

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