Friday, June 08, 2012

Bachman's on

  • A lot of applause.  Her fans are here.
  • Obama's the most dangerous Prez we've ever had on Nat Security.  She's talking about Obama's offense at the Press Corps asking him about leaks.
  • Bachman says of course WH leaked.  She's offended Obama lied to the American people this afternoon.
  • Bachman's offended the press didn't jump down his throat.
  • General Axlerod has no business sitting in the Kill List meetings?  Is Axlerod focus grouping each name on the kill list?
  • Bachman says Obama needs to shut down next weeks Islamic conference in Rolling Meadows next week.   I need to look this conference up.  It looks like a Salafi group.  Stay tuned to the  blog for more on this one.  B says Obama needs to quite playing whack-a-mole with the kill list and deal with the ideological spread of radical Islam.
  • Obama's the most feckless president America's had on Foreign Policy.
  • Bachman called next weeks conference a Suicide Bombers Conference.

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