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Joe Walsh vs Joe Walsh in 8th CD Sunday - Illinois Review

Illinois Review on the showdown. Follow the link for location.

On July 1st, there will not be a clearer contrast of the two candidatesseeking the 8th Congressional seat. Days after the most important Supreme Court decision of the last decade, Tammy Duckworth will be charging people $2500 to party with a 70's rock star, while [Congressman] Joe Walsh will be hearing voter's concerns for free at a forum to discuss the impact this ruling will have on people's lives.

Joe Walsh vs Joe Walsh in 8th CD Sunday - Illinois Review

Quinn asks federal government to buy Tamms prison -

Quinn looking to Obama and Holder for a bailout.  Maybe a new home for the Gitmo guys?

Gov. Pat Quinn is offering to sell the Tamms prison he plans to close to the federal government, marking the second time in less than three years that he’s courted Washington to buy a state penitentiary.

In a letter dated Friday and obtained by The Associated Press, Quinn tells the director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons that the 14-year-old supermax lockup would be a “valuable addition” to the U.S. correctional system.


The offer was made the same day Quinn received budget legislation that includes money to keep the 14-year-old Tamms open. The state’s financial year begins Sunday. Aides said he was reviewing the budget but would not indicate when he would sign it.

Quinn asks federal government to buy Tamms prison -

Friday, June 29, 2012

New Chicago GOP Office Official Open July 7th


The party's new HQ at 2768 N Lincoln Avenue, which we're sharing with the Illinois GOP, the Cook County GOP, the Chicago Young Republicans, and the 43rd Ward Organization, has moved the official launch date to Saturday, July 7th in order to align our efforts with the RNC/IL GOP sponsored "Super Saturday" event.  We'll be working along with the states other Victory Centers in a coordinated day of phone banking.

Come out to the office around 1:00 to enjoy pizza and soft drinks, take a tour, and to work with your fellow Committeemen to get our office started on the right path!


July 07, 2012 at 1pm - 4pm


ChicagoGOP Office
2768 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
Google map and directions


Caitlin Huxley · · 312-841-0172

New Chicago GOP Office Official Open July 7th

Supreme Court Keeps Health Care Law on Life Support - Rasmussen Reports™

Rasmussen decontructs Americans two year long disgruntlement with ObamaCare (now ObamaTax).  Follow link below to read the whole thing.

To understand why, keep in mind that most Americans initially supported the concept of health care reform because they wanted the cost of care to be reduced. But only 18 percent believe the current law will accomplish that goal. A massive 81 percent also believe it will end up costing the government more than projected.

The president believes that government regulation can control the cost of care, but most voters disagree. Voters think that consumer choice and competition between insurance companies will do more to reduce costs than additional regulations.

Individual Americans recognize that they have more power as consumers than they do as voters. Their choices in a free market give them more control over the economic world than choosing one politician or another.

Supreme Court Keeps Health Care Law on Life Support - Rasmussen Reports™

Not A Tax Increase?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Illinois Policy Institute - Press Release: Kane County earns 100% in government transparency audit

Illinois Policy Institute - Press Release: Kane County earns 100% in government transparency audit

We still can't get our act together on the ethics ordinance but someone's giving us points for transparency!  Congrats to the County Board.

Still no details on Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s absence -

I think people forget Jackson had done this surgery. He could well be in health trouble now because he failed to monitor his diet per the Trib below.  So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on what’s behind his leave. 

The tragedy is much of his district overwhelmed with violence now.  Public Safety not a Congressman’s first job, but it’s the number one problem facing his constituents now.  They need a healthy rep and Jackson doesn’t seem up for the job.

This AM’s Trib on the Congressman,

On Capitol Hill, The Hill newspaper named Jackson one of its "50 most beautiful people" in 2010 and noted that his weight had ballooned from 210 pounds to 310 pounds before he underwent weight-loss surgery in 2004. By 2010, the paper said, he'd dropped to 175 pounds and taken up yoga and taekwondo.

Jackson's surgery was a duodenal switch, which involves removing part of the stomach and reconfiguring the intestine to reduce the size of the small bowel. The procedure changes how the body absorbs nutrients, and lack of absorption of some vitamins and minerals can cause fatigue, doctors said.

"People who undergo gastric bypass surgery often have chronic problems with nutritional deficiency and may lack micronutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin B complex and may need to be on vitamin supplements," said Dr. David Zich, a doctor of internal medicine and emergency medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. "It takes careful attention to diet, and for people who have varying schedules and are constantly on the go, oftentimes a diet is the first to go when we are rushing and trying to meet a schedule."

Still no details on Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s absence -

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

‘Stop the Violence’ Cease Fire Week in Cicero

Kind of rough when you start looking bad compared to Larry Dominick.  Credit Cicero and Maywood for keeping a lid on violence.  Does anyone from Chicago bother to call them up and ask how?

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick has a message for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Any time the mayor of Chicago would like to visit Cicero and see how our police department combats gang violence, he is more than welcome to do so.”

During a press conference earlier in the week to kick-off Cicero’s sixth annual Cease Fire Week in collaboration with CorazΓ³n Community Services, Dominick revealed the fact that Cicero has seen fewer homicides in the last year compared to the City of Chicago that experienced over 200 homicides in 2012, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Chicago Hispanic Newspaper, Lawndale News, Hispanic Bilingual Newspapers, Su Noticiero Bilingue » ‘Stop the Violence’ Cease Fire Week in Cicero

Cabot buys Cicero industrial building from Opus for $21.6 million - Crain's Chicago Business

Maybe Larry Dominick’s on to something. 

Cabot, which owns about 4 million square feet of industrial property in Chicago, was interested in the building because of its proximity to the highway and the downtown Chicago workforce, says Andrew Ebbott, executive vice president at Cabot. Also, Cicero seems “to be making a real effort to attract business and add some vitality to the neighborhood,” he says.

Cabot buys Cicero industrial building from Opus for $21.6 million - News - Crain's Chicago Business

Tammy Duckworth to join Protest At Post Office

…and the flyer reads,

The purpose of the rally and picketing is to demand from Congress that it “stops starving the post office, repeal the pre-funding mandate and to refund the pension surplus.”

“Congress is bankrupting our post office. Not the Internet. Not the recession. Not private competition,” read as flyer announcing the event.

Protest At Post Office Planned - Journal & Topics Newspapers Online: News

Seems between Fedex and the net, they’re doing the PO in.  Good luck with this issue LT Duckworth.

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. takes medical leave of absence -

Geez, Danny Davis a heck of a friend.

Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill., said he saw Jackson just before the week-long recess and that he “seemed fine.”

“He was joking, like he usually does. He was laughing. He was his usual self,” according to Davis, who said he and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus noticed Jackson’s absences from votes last week.

Davis said he saw theRev. Jesse Jackson, the lawmaker’s father, at a Father’s Day event on June 17 and the elder Jackson made no mention of his son’s situation.

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. takes medical leave of absence -

President Obama's hometown of Chicago shows decline is the "Chicago Way" Editorial on Chicago’s decline.  More on this later today.  We too many Chicagoans seduced by Rahm’s tough talk.  They think f-bombs mean Rahm can deal with the tough issues facing Chicago.  That’s foolishness.  Chicago’s in trouble.

President Obama's hometown of Chicago shows decline is the "Chicago Way" -

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rich Miller bails on Illinois

Progressives bailing on the sinking ship Illinois.  Is Madigan far behind?

Also on Thursday, Illinois’ auditor general reported that the state government has a deficit of almost $44 billion — worst in the nation.

After I read the auditor general’s report, I started researching quiet, peaceful, inexpensive getaways. Enough, already.

As much as I hate to admit it, I have to get out of this state. I don’t know yet when I can go, and my plans certainly won’t include Wisconsin or Indiana, but I really need to leave Illinois and all its troubles behind for a little while.

I need a break from Illinois - Chicago Sun-Times

Jack Franks Threatens McHenry County Blog

Illinois State Representative Jack Franks sends a nasty letter to Cal Skinner of the McHenry County Blog: McHenry County Blog | Jack Franks Threatens McHenry County Blog

Bloggers just get under some Democrat’s skin.  I think it’s the newness of it all that throws guys like Franks for a loop.  They’re too used to dealing with the old media… over drinks and steaks probably.

Here’s Warner Todd Huston’s take on it all too: Illinois Blogger Threatened With Lawsuit by Anti-Free Speech Democrat Jack Franks

Friday, June 15, 2012

Munro and the Prez

Obama's famous for a thin skin and short fuse, but this whole move strikes me as a little more. The Administration must be looking at some awful polling numbers to announce this Exec Order and then be so prickly with the reporters. The O's in trouble, knows it, and it's showing.

Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

Tammy Duckworth is going to have a heck of a time defending this in Illinois’s 8th District.  I heard Joe Walsh at a Town Hall tell folks about a third of the questions he hears were on immigration.  Walsh not an anti-immigrant sort of guy and his responses were examples of how tough the immigration issue was to decide.

All her really needs to do here is to condemn Obama’s use of Executive powers and then watch Duckworth spin a defense to the good many immigrants in the 8th who followed the long and expensive rules to live and work in the United States.

Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs

Shooting shows how far we have to go

Arlene Jones on a first hand view of the carnage that’s becoming routine in Chicago.

Last week Wednesday, I got to see up close and personal the carnage going on in this city. I was visiting friends near Roosevelt and Sacramento when the sound of gunfire erupted. POW, POW, pow, pow, pow, bang, bang-bang, bang, bang rang out.

My friend hit the floor while I remained transfixed on her couch, unable to move. When she finally looked out the door after about a minute, less than 300 feet away a young man lay on the grass. He had been shot multiple times. As I ran toward him, I realized I didn't have my cellphone.

But the young lady next to me, whom I didn't know, had her phone. And guess what she was doing? Telling a friend about the shooting. I had to actually tell her to call the police! The shooting took place less than four blocks away from the 11th District (Harrison Street) police station.

Shooting shows how far we have to go

Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis

So much for that wonderful State run European Healthcare System.

Outside one of the 133 state hospitals - whose managers have sometimes been appointed as supporters of whichever political party was in power at the time - a banner put up by protesting staff reads "Hospitals Belong to the People". Inside, its gloomy labyrinth of corridors tell a different story.

A doctor at the university hospital in the northwestern Athens suburb of Chaidari cites a lack of basic examining room supplies in her own department, such as cotton wool, catheters, gloves and paper used to cover the examining table.

The shortage of paper, which is thrown out after each patient has used it, means corners have to be cut on hygiene.

"Sometimes we take a bed sheet instead and use it for several patients," said Kiki Kiale, a radiologist specializing in cancer screening. "It's tragic but there's no other solution."

Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis | Reuters

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Retired Bear Shaun Gayle plans to build West Side Chicago gym - News - Crain's Chicago Business

Take a look on Google Maps.  Lots of empty space and a quick commute to the loop.

(Crain’s) — Former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle plans to build a 25,000-square-foot gym in East Garfield Park, betting that the low-income West Side neighborhood is positioned for a rebound.

The one-story athletic facility on the 2800 block of West Taylor Street, which would cost nearly $1.3 million, would be home to training classes, competitive leagues and various other recreational programs for youth and adults, according to a city of Chicago staff report about the project.

A city development panel on Tuesday agreed to sell Mr. Gayle’s venture several empty city-owned properties on Taylor and Arthington streets for $108,000 for a building and 40 parking spaces.

Mr. Gayle’s challenge will be attracting people to the gym. East Garfield Park, which has seen little in the way of new building for decades, is something of an island now, says Scott Maesel, executive managing director in the Chicago office Sperry Van Ness LLC.

“If he is successful, he could start other development, but it’s a bold and pioneering move at this stage,” Mr. Maesel says.

Retired Bear Shaun Gayle plans to build West Side Chicago gym - News - Crain's Chicago Business

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan ignores gang violence

A press release from the ILGOP on the staggering violence in Chicago.

Going after Catholic Charities seems awfully lame when we have thugs taking over the streets, murdering citizens on their porches, slaughtering young Chicago men, and the AG wants to tackle those hateful homophobes at Catholic Charities?

This is the weird bizarre world of Chicago liberals and the only part that makes sense is maybe the AG swayed by the votes gangs deliver?

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady today called on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to finally engage in combating the surge in Illinois gang violence.

"Under Attorney General Madigan, we have seen an explosion in gang violence, including murders of innocent bystanders and Lisa Madigan has done nothing to combat it,” said Brady. "In New York, the state's top law officer leads the charge in major anti gang operations, most recently indicting 52 for gang and drug activity.”

There has been over 30 homicides in the City of Chicago since the end of the NATO Summit on May 21st.

“Here in Illinois, Lisa Madigan is content issuing edicts about the perils of buying a used car,” Brady added. “She has abdicated her role as the State’s Chief Law enforcement officer. As Attorney General, she has the tools to fight gang violence but unfortunately, she has chosen not to use them.”

Illinois Republican Party

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

CPAC Chicago, Wisconsin Praised, Obama Razed — Part One: Rick Santorum, Ron Johnson « Publius Forum

Part 1 of 4 from Warner Todd Huston on CPAC 2012.  I’ll be posting my thoughts later today or Monday.
CPAC Chicago, Wisconsin Praised, Obama Razed — Part One: Rick Santorum, Ron Johnson « Publius Forum

McHenry County Blog | Auditioning at the State GOP Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker

Cal Skinner goes speech by speech through the Illinois GOP Convention.  Here’s some classic Joe Walsh,

He began his speech by relating that he was a naturally smiling Irish Catholic guy.

Then there was the “but.”

“I did not go to Washington last year to smile.

“There’s very little subtle about Joe Walsh.

“When I say the President has not freaking clue what he is doing, I mean every word of it.”

Then Walsh took after Mike Madigan.

“No one person should run a state.

“He is a king.

“He is a dictator.

“He is corrupt.

“He symbolizes everything that is wrong in Illinois.

“Shame on us for not having the courage and the fortitude to say that.”

"I'm gong to ask you to be responsible for your own life," Joe Walsh charged the Republican activists.

Moving on to his re-election race against Tammy Duckworth, whose name he did not mention, Walsh said, “This White House and the entire Demcoratic Party has a target on my back.

He explained that he “just goe[es] and say[s] what [he] mean[s].

“Amazing things begin to happen.”

McHenry County Blog | Auditioning at the State GOP Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker

What Happened at the Illinois GOP Convention? Mostly Status Quo, But… « Publius Forum

Warner Todd Huston covered the Illinois GOP Convention.  Warner writes the status quo held but there were some growing cracks in the party.  Chairman Brady held the Paulistas in line this year but other conservative opponents appeared.  The old guard’s time may be running out.

What Happened at the Illinois GOP Convention? Mostly Status Quo, But… « Publius Forum

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mourdock Addresses CPAC Chicago, Encourages Vocal GOP Voters

Richard Mourdock, the guy who defeated Lugar, makes the point about Conservatives needing to talk more, and he meant talk with people who don’t agree with us.
Mourdock took pride in the name-calling, saying that our nation is at a moment of great significance. The two parties see solutions to our nation’s problems from two differing points of views, and we must make government less consequential in the day-to-day lives of all Americans. 

Furthermore, Mourdock expressed frustration with Republicans who may vote with their conscience, but shy away from explaining and defending their votes and their principles. He called upon conservatives to face unfriendly faces, and defend American principles
Mourdock Addresses CPAC Chicago, Encourages Vocal GOP Voters

GOP leaders hail Walker, stress unity -

Kerry Lester quotes Roskam on Illinois Dems turning Illinois into a “goat rodeo”.  Next we’ll be goat bar-b-que the way Springfield’s failing.
Members of the audience whooped, as they did later when Roskam, a former state lawmaker who represents the 6th Congressional District, suggested Democrats in Springfield were running the state like a “goat rodeo.” 

Drawing parallels between Illinois’ fiscal situation and Obama’s statement Friday that the private sector is “doing fine,” Roskam suggested Democrats are out of touch. He predicted that Illinois Democrats — who, as the party in charge, have drawn the 2012 congressional map in the hopes of picking up several congressional seats — have “overreached.”
GOP leaders hail Walker, stress unity -

Wisconsin governor hailed at conservative conference in Rosemont -

From the Trib’s Rick Pearson’s take on CPAC,
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, also a potential vice presidential candidate, offered “my condolences” to Illinoisans in the crowd. Christie said that when he was a federal prosecutor and even now as governor, he thanks God in his nightly prayers for keeping Illinois ahead of New Jersey when it comes to government corruption and higher taxes.

Christie labeled as an “outrage” Obama’s comments Friday faulting Republicans for not doing more to help state and local governments because “the big challenge we have in our economy right now is state and local government hiring has been going in the wrong direction.”

“The president fundamentally believes that the way to support our economy is to take more taxes from all of you and spend it on more public workers who will then pay a fraction of that money back in taxes. If anybody ran a business like that, they would be out of business quickly and Barack Obama’s leadership is driving this business, the United States of America, towards a fiscal cliff,” Christie said. “He’s the one who put forward an ineffective, wasteful stimulus plan that did nothing to help this economy.”
Wisconsin governor hailed at conservative conference in Rosemont -
This was the first time I had heard Christie in person and he was impressive.  Probably one of the best among a lot of very good speakers.  This guy’s filled with energy and it really came across.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Joe Walsh!

  • He's only go five minutes so he's going for it.  What are you prepared to do to save America for your kids and grand kids.
  • We better be prepared to do darn near anything because America's in trouble.
  • It's classic Joe Walsh!

Bachman's on

  • A lot of applause.  Her fans are here.
  • Obama's the most dangerous Prez we've ever had on Nat Security.  She's talking about Obama's offense at the Press Corps asking him about leaks.
  • Bachman says of course WH leaked.  She's offended Obama lied to the American people this afternoon.
  • Bachman's offended the press didn't jump down his throat.
  • General Axlerod has no business sitting in the Kill List meetings?  Is Axlerod focus grouping each name on the kill list?
  • Bachman says Obama needs to shut down next weeks Islamic conference in Rolling Meadows next week.   I need to look this conference up.  It looks like a Salafi group.  Stay tuned to the  blog for more on this one.  B says Obama needs to quite playing whack-a-mole with the kill list and deal with the ideological spread of radical Islam.
  • Obama's the most feckless president America's had on Foreign Policy.
  • Bachman called next weeks conference a Suicide Bombers Conference.

CPAC: Roskam's up

  • Makes fun of Obama's statement today that the private sector's doing just fine. 
  • Roskam says Obama's but then next generation at risk. Roskam says Illinois is going to have something to say about Obama. Springfield Democrats creating such mess it will be enough to flip the State? 
  • Conservatives have an opportunity to invite people. To remind people this is the way forward, this is how you create prosperity. We want to avoid Solyndranomics. For the first time in a long time we have a contest between two very different world views.

CPAC Staw Poll


 Q: Core beliefs and ideology: Individual freedom and small gov wins by landslide.

 Q: Reduce National Debt #1 Tax reform #2 Balance Budget #3

 Q: 84% said fixing budget or creating jobs #1 priority.

 Q: More people disapproved of Congressional Democrats than Obama.

 Q: 72% approved of Congressional GOP. Q: VP pick was Marco Rubio with 30% twice that of second place Chris Christie.

CPAC: A Holmes quote worth saving

Quote from a Speaker whose name I don't have right now, “It seems to me that at this time we need education in the obvious more than the investigation of the obscure.”

Roskam in Media Center

  • Roskam thinks GOP Congressional candidates are going to out perform in Illinois because of the fiscal problems in our State.
  • Questions of a Libertarian sort on Government seizing property, EPC, and so on.  Hey, important stuff I know but I really wanted to hear stories of playing poker with Obama in Springfield, and just what sort of guy O was down there.

Tim Huelskam (KS-1) in Media Center

He said too many of his colleagues aren't doing a good enough job of taking the conservative message back home to voters in Town Halls.  They're hard to do, and too many put off by it.  Same point Chris Christie made this morning.  Guess the model is Joe Walsh who seems to thrive on Town Halls.

Walsh might need to give his colleagues lessons.

CPAC: Va Gov Bob McDonnell next

  • A lot of Governors here.  Virginia's Bob McDonnell is next up.  All guys showing not just conservaive government, but competent government too.
  • Results oriented Conservatism.  That's what Scott Walker did.  That's what GOP Gov's all over the country are doing.  Contrast it with Obama's malaise, and the failure of Hope and Change.

CPAC: Jack Roeser's speaking

  • I'm the oldest Tea Party guy here at 88.
  • Teachers are the victims of the Union.  If you're not, they are.
  • Scathing on the Il NEA (Problem is he's right.)

CPAC Chicago: Bobby Jindal

  • Anybody who visited Wisconsin know the radical left have taken over the Democratic Party.
  • Jindal's doing a recap on the Wisconsin Walker Recall story.
  • Good stuff but we've heard it.
  • Why didn't Obama go to Wisconsin?  Because of fear of losing.  That's not what leaders do.  There's a lesson in leadership here.  
  • Next think we need to do is elect Gov Romney and replace Obama.
  • This Prez election will be the most important of our lifetime.
  • Every generation of Americans has left more for their children; Obama's managing America's decline.  Those are the two visions at stake in election.
  • Jindal's hitting stride now on education reform and school choice.  Dollars need to follow the child.  Parents know best for their kids.
  • 80% of New Orleans kids in charter schools.  Outcomes have doubled.
  • Obama administration is nexus of Liberalism and Incompetency.
  • Obama's Liberalism well understood.  The Incompetency is just starting to come out.
  • He's talking the BP oil spill now and really on a roll.  Stories about Federal incompetency because of the Administration's leadership great stuff.

CPAC Education Panel

Colin Hitt of Illinois Policy Institute chairing this.

  • Lindsey Burke: 
  • Growing body of evidence school choice improves outcomes.  Not often solutions are so clear.
  • 150 federal education programs and today 1 in 4 fourth graders can't read.
  • Obama's getting ready to implement one of the greatest federal over reaches with his Blue Print to reform Education.
  • Real reform is devolve dollars and power back to states and local gov
  • Jindal implemented a state wide voucher program in Lousiana.  Impacts 70% of State's kids.

Herman Cain's on

  • He's starting off like an evangelist, you're here because of what you can do
  • We need a new revolution.  Not with bombs and bullets, but brains and ideas.
  • The word reform needs to be replaced with the word replaced... we need to replace the EPA with Gingrich's ESA: Enviornmental Solutions Agency.
  • He just said 999.
  • Quoting Dirksen: when they feel the heat, they'll see the light.
  • He's got the crowd standing with: keep control of the house, get the senate, and get rid of Barack Obama.
  • Cain's going to do everything he can to elect Romney.  Crowd standing again.
  • Wisconsin shows when people have the facts and a choice, they'll make the right choice.
  • Cain's spoken at 11 colleges past two months.  Kids get it, there are a lot of conservative kids out there.
  • It's going to take an army of David's to defeat big government Goliath.

Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring on Foreign Policy

*** Tough following Chris Christie. on F

*** Hanna points out correctly FP is the one area where Obama gets favorable polling.

*** Doug Bandow: What should a Conservative FP be?

  • Core of Reagan's policy was we want to defend ourselves, and our limited government. Two things that can conflict. 
  • Danger's out there but not the same danger of the cold war.
  • We're not focused on big things and big threats, but instead Nation Building.  Our FP is disconnected from fundamental interests.
  • Syria's awful stuff, but is US interests involved.  Reagan's greatest mistake was going into Lebanon.
  • It's hard enough to Social Engineer in the US.  How do we do it overseas?
*** Jim Carafano: from Heritage foundation.
  • American Conservative movement has always diverged FP.
  • We should never neglect readiness regardless how we disagree on FP and Defense.
  • We've been living off Reagan's rearmament for thirty years.
  • Obama's going to cut, we need to rearm the force. 
*** Joseph Mooris
  • What are the principles of American FP?  Ought to be the founding ones.  The Universality of our principles problematic.  Get's is outside our boundaries.

CPAC Chris Christie

*** Big round of applause for Christie.

*** New Jersey's leading the way after Corzine and McGreevy.

*** First step was cut $2.2b by Executive Order.  To NJ Legislature on cuts: You created this mess, I just fixed it, you can thank me later.

*** It's standing room only here by the way.

*** Leadership matters; standing for your principles matters: the lessons from Christie's fight with his state house.

*** The public pension system was $54billion underfunded; state workers $60billion underfunded.  That state's budet was only $20billion.  No way people of NJ elected him to not address this problem.  Gotta raise the retirement age, increase employee contribution, and eliminated COLAs till funds are solvent.

*** You've got to build relationships with like minded Democrats.

*** C ought to be Romney's VP.  I thought his weight made him a health time bomb, but man he is good up there explaining what needs to be done, and how.

*** Europe is giving us a preview.  Every generation of Americans is judged by the generation that comes after.  Now we're in our moment of crisis.  Not as severe as that faced by the greatest generation, but severe enough.  How will we be judged?  We stood for our principles and made the hard decisions to make it great for our children and grandchildren?  Promise from Christie.  If we stand with him, he'll stand with us, we must fight together or the next couple of months, telling the truth, and doing the hard things.  Let's get to work.

CPAC Chicago: Richard Mourdock, Indiana State Treas

*** Mourdock's the guy who knocked out Lugar in the primary.

*** It's a weird thinking making lunch and listening to Rush Limbaugh talk about you, or be denounced by Pelosi and Reid.  Schumar called Mourdock the Hoosier Headache.  Mourdock says yes he is.

*** More frustrated with Republicans than Democrats, because so many who vote the right way still avoid going home and explaining to a hostile audience why.

*** Great speech, this guys an evangelist!

CPAC Wisconsin's Senator Johnson

*** What's happening in Wisconsin? Democracy.

*** He's talking about the weeping recallist lamenting collapse of Democracy.  It was nonsense, what we had in Wisconsin was Democracy.

*** Wisconsin's a model of the Tea Party and GOP working together.

*** Walker's first words were Wisconsin's open for business.  Amazing it can grow given the larger economy.  All America needs is to unleash the American economy.  It's amazing how little experience this administration has in the private sector.

*** Johnson just gave a nice Romney plug. R's a businessman and that's what America needs.

*** Wisconsin volunteers are weary, donors tapped out;  Johnson says tough, we need to be as relentless as the left.

CPAC Chicago thread 1

*** Senator Rand Paul just started to a huge ovation. This is a Libertarian crowd. He's starting off with Wisconsin. I imagine everyone here will.

*** No talk about his endorsement of Romney yet. Curious to see how that goes over here.

*** He's got the crowd standing.  A lot of Libertarian boilerplate we'll delivered, but zip on his Romney Endorsement.

CPAC Chicago!

Made it to Rosement. Listening to John Kasich speak to about 2,000. Stay tuned, more to come.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

CPAC Chicago

I'll be at CPAC tomorrow on bloggers row. Say hello if you're there and if not follow my blog and tweets for my take of events along with these other fine Illinois Bloggers.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

When it comes to Madigan, there's no debate: It's time to take out the trash

When it comes to Madigan, there's no debate: It's time to take out the trash

Kass today on Speaker Madigan. How much longer does Illinois put up with this guy? Forty years in Springfield is enough. Go Madigan, please go.

And meanwhile, I've learned there's a new chief of staff at the Regional Transportation Authority, an agency that relies on Boss Madigan's Legislature for much of its funding. RTA Executive Director Joseph Costello confirmed in an email on Tuesday that Jordan Matyas will be paid $160,000 a year as chief of staff. Surely the new chief of staff will have input on procurement and personnel. Who is Matyas?

He's Mike Madigan's son-in-law, married to Lisa's sister.

What's that smell, Mike? Anchovies or banana peels?

Marathon Pundit: Flipside of Wisconsin: S&P issues warning over Illinois credit rating downgrade

The day after Walker,

Earlier today Standard & Poors issued a warning that it might lower Illinois' credit rating. Moody's did so in January.

The Prairie State's pension system is the worst-funded in the nation.

Marathon Pundit: Flipside of Wisconsin: S&P issues warning over Illinois credit rating downgrade


Monday, June 04, 2012

Nurse to feds: State grants went to politicians’ campaigns - Chicago Sun-Times

Nurse to feds: State grants went to politicians’ campaigns - Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago way...
Thousands of dollars” in state grants awarded to bolster health care in minority communities instead went to pay campaign workers for former state Sen. Rickey Hendon and Democratic candidates Hendon supported, a Chicago nurse has told investigators.

The nurse, Tonja Cook, 44, detailed her allegations in four interviews with state and federal authorities between October 2010 and May 2011, records show.

In June 2011, federal prosecutors in Springfield charged Cook and another Chicago nurse, Margaret A. Davis, with siphoning $500,000 from state grant funds for Davis’ “personal use.”

Hendon, 58, a West Side Democrat who unexpectedly retired from the Senate in February 2011, hasn’t been charged with any wrongdoing.

Marathon Pundit: Why isn't Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn campaigning against Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

Marathon Pundit wonders…

Marathon Pundit: Why isn't Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn campaigning against Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

Geez, who would want him?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Owner: Felony Franks on Near West Side likely to close - Chicago Sun-Times

Owner: Felony Franks on Near West Side likely to close - Chicago Sun-Times

Too bad Fioretti couldn't have shagged away the loiterers at the liquor store instead of hassling Franks over the sign.

Salafi Leader: No Freedom in Islam; Apostates Must be Persecuted

Salafi Leader: No Freedom in Islam; Apostates Must be Persecuted

Salafi's a tough bunch...
Then Burhami made clear what the issue at hand was: Apostasy—if Muslims have the right to leave Islam and convert to other religions. In the words of Burhami:
Is it the right of the Muslim to convert to Christianity or another religion? Of course this is not a right; this is a matter that Sharia has clearly addressed, according to the agreed upon hadiths. It is impermissible, for any reason, for a Muslim to leave the community. Of course, you cannot coerce any infidel to enter into Islam [Koran 2:256]—except for the apostate. It is impossible to let the apostate remain in [a state of] apostasy, deeming it a form of "freedom."
For the record, the "agreed upon hadiths" that Burhami indicated, are, in fact, unequivocal in regards to the crime of apostasy. The most canonical and oft cited among them simply has Muhammad saying: "Whoever leaves his religion, kill him."

Saturday, June 02, 2012

McHenry County Blog | Tryon Meeting Boycott Strategy Works – “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Gets Third Free Ride from GOP in Four Elections

McHenry GOP weenies out running a candidate against Jack Franks.

Vial Cal Skinner, McHenry County Blog | Tryon Meeting Boycott Strategy Works – “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Gets Third Free Ride from GOP in Four Elections

Racine Tea Party Rally

Congressman Ryan speaking to the Racine Tea Party. H/T Illinois Review

The appalling truth about the UN observers in Syria « Inside Arab Spring

So much for the UN’s help,

Today a UN diplomat told me the appalling truth about the UN Observation Mission in Syria. The facts are based on direct information from observers on the ground. It is clear that, while some observers are doing a great job risking their life and even pay missions on their own expenses, most of the official UN observers are doing as good as nothing at all, as they are underpaid, too scared and too few.

The 300 UN observers are in reality with 270. They were quickly picked from several UN institutions and departments. A great lot of them do not speak English and only a few speak Arabic, which makes communication with the local people as good as impossible. As they were picked very quickly, almost none of the observers have any knowledge about Syria at all. They are not trained and have no experience whatsoever with the situation there brought in. That’s why most of them are terribly scared.

The daily allowance the observers receive is ridiculously low, being 230 dollars. One room in the safe Damascene hotel they all stay in costs 150 dollars a day. The problem is that with the other 80 dollars, they not only have to eat but pay for what they need to do their job. This is of course far from sufficient. If they want to do a mission to one of the Syrian cities, they have to pay the expenses. That is why only hundred of the 270 observers are actually doing observation missions, paying the expenses out of their own pocket. The other 170 just stay in the hotel, probably reading their newspaper, go for a swim or at best take a little walk in the neighbourhood. From these hundred active observers, only very few go to ‘far away places’ as it is too expensive.

The appalling truth about the UN observers in Syria « Inside Arab Spring

Polish-Americans protest Obama at Chicago fundraiser

Marathon Pundit covers members of Chicago's Polish Community at Obama's fund raiser. Also, check NR for some background on a bigger snub to Poland. Obama nixed the Polish gov's request to have Lech Walesa accept the medal for Jan Karski: President Obama Shuns Lech Walesa

A Marine Vet mixes it up with the teachers at a recall Walker event. H/T Illinois Review

And gets arrested.....

Joe Walsh and Chicago Democrat's Plantation Politics

Let's be clear who coined the phrase Plantation Politics. From the Chicago Mag on Jesse Jackson's career and job offer from Chicago's Regular Democratic Organization,
Had Jackson taken the job, Chicago's most prominent civil rights activist might have been drawn into the Machine—or more precisely, the black "submachine," a vital cog in the Democratic organization. Ostensibly controlled by the long-serving congressman William Dawson, the submachine was actually controlled by Daley I. Dawson and a handful of other black ward bosses doled out patronage jobs and other favors to blacks living in their wards; in return, Daley I carried huge majorities in black precincts at election time. At his peak, for example, Daley I collected 90 percent of the black vote. Timuel Black, the longtime civil rights activist, professor, and historian, coined the phrase "plantation politics" to describe the elder Daley's rule over blacks in Chicago. "The people in the precincts picking the political cotton were overseen by the ward bosses, of which Daley was the head," says Black.
There's truth in Joe Walsh's words; not racism.