Sunday, May 06, 2012

Rogue Democrats Loot Detroit As Nation Sleeps | Via Meadia

Mead’s conclusion on the looting of Detroit.  As citizen of Illinois, I just wonder about Democrats as Rogue here. It seems to be the core of the party today. No outrage when progressives plunder.  And their victims the most vulnerable of Americans.

American cities have been festering pits of graft and bad governance since at least the early 19th century, but there is a difference between the “honest graft” of Tammany Hall and the nihilistic destruction practiced by some of today’s urban machines. Today’s situation, in which some city machines are so dysfunctional that the parasite is literally killing the host (and not just in Detroit), is new and, again, the most vulnerable in our society suffer the worst consequences. Minority children are the greatest ultimate victims of this loathsome corruption: they attend horrible schools and grow up in decaying, unsafe urban landscapes where there is no growth, no jobs and no opportunity for the young.

How is it anything but racist not to care about that — and not to burn with the desire to put the scabrous thugs who misgovern our cities and waste our social funds in prison where they belong?

Rogue Democrats Loot Detroit As Nation Sleeps | Via Meadia

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