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Walsh wants Solis answers on poster | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

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Wonder what Tammy Duckworth has to say?

Rep. Joe Walsh, R-IL, got a look at that poster being posted around the Department of Labor showing Secretary Hilda Solis marching arm-in-arm with Rev. Al Sharpton and started asking some possibly uncomfortable questions.

The poster includes this quote from Solis: “Whether we take to the streets or simply do our work with integrity and commitment here at the U.S. Department of Labor, we are all marching toward the same goals: safer workplaces, fair pay, dignity on the job, secure retirement and opportunities to make a better life. I believe in the power of collective action.”

If that sounds familiar, it should as it's standard SEIU/ACORN rhetoric. Walsh thinks the poster and the political ideology it represents has little if anything to do with being Secretary of Labor.

"Some employees that have remained anonymous have described these posters as 'propaganda' and I agree," Walsh wrote in a letter to Solis. "The sign is both contrary to the role of your department and a misuse of taxpayer funds. Your job is not to inject yourself into politics - especially not by promoting your own political stance through a poster paid for by the taxpayer."

Then came the questions:

"I ask you to respond to the scope in which this poster was circulated, including the cost it took to produce such a product. I will also ask you to address whether further posters like this have been produced already and your policy on using taxpayer money to make a political point," Walsh said

Walsh wants Solis answers on poster | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner

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