Friday, April 06, 2012

They Don't Speak for Us

H/T Illinois Review

BRET BAIER, HOST: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood of course helped push Hosni Mubarak out of power in Egypt and move in a more Islamist candidates inside the parliament there in Egypt. At the time they said they would not put a candidate up for president. Now they have. And now Muslim Brotherhood officials have met with the mid-level White House officials about way forward in Egypt, that meeting happening at the White House on Tuesday.

We're back with the panel. Bill, is this a big deal, people who are critical of it? What about it?

BILL KRISTOL, EDITOR, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: It is a big deal. I think the White House is engaged in a war on women. The Muslim Brotherhood, really? Do you know what their position is on reproductive rights and all these feminist issues, women in the workplace, equal pay for equal work? I don't think they are very good on that issue. And they are letting them in the White House. Mitt Romney should have a press conference tomorrow to say this proves that the President, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden and Mr. Donilon and Mr. Lew and the male top-heavy White House staff doesn't care at all about the plight of women in Egypt.
I'm partly kidding, I'm mostly kidding, there are other reasons not to deal with the Muslim Brotherhood, but I'm trying to make the point about how ludicrous the war on women moralizing is. And incidentally, this is a tough policy now that they are dealing with the situation they are dealing with. I don't -- I think ultimately the failure to deal with Syria, the failure to deal with Iran is what the administration is going to be judged on more than this complicated minuet with the different groups of Egypt.

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