Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Obama care, FDR's National Recover Act, and the words of Clarence Darrow

President Obama told us yesterday SCOTUS ruling against Obamacare would be an unprecedented move by the court. Yet a fellow who lived only a few blocks from Obama, Clarence Darrow; was once asked by FDR to review a similarly controversial law in the 1930s: the National Recovery Act.

Darrow, to FDR's surprize, didn't much care for Congress's overreach with the NRA, and said so before a Congressional Committee once FDR finally released Darrow's report. The University of Minnesota has Darrow's testimony online.

SCOTUS went on to strike down the NRA, and FDR went on with a futile war against the court with his court packing scheme.

So no new history here President Obama.  The United States has been here before.  This story's a repeat and its hero lived in our backyard almost. (My Grandfather had a dime store near Darrow's apartment off 63rd street.)

Darrow himself can be heard below speaking out against the New Deal and the NRA in words as applicable now as then.

Or here below,
"I see today that the spirit of human freedom has vanished from the peoples of this world especially from America! We have forgotten it. We care nothing about. If we can make money by compelling people to do certain things by law, or if some fool reformers think they can save the souls of men by passing laws, we say: let them do it. We would not fight for liberty today; we have forgotten it." -Darrow

It's strange a Professor of Constitutional law wouldn't understand the unconstitutionality of Obamacare. It's unChicagoan a lawyer from Hyde Park would have forgotten Darrow's words. He's a mythic figure Chicagoans of a progressive sort once grew up with. That kind of Liberalism long passed it seems.

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