Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John McCormick: The Battle for Wisconsin

Via The Weekly Standard. Falk and Barret evading the question of how they would have balanced Wisconsin's budget,
For all their complaints about Walker’s lack of transparency, Falk and Barrett are now evading questions about how they would have balanced Wisconsin’s budget. “No, I’m not answering. None of us will answer that question,” Falk told The Weekly Standard on April 11 when asked if she would have cut more or less than $500 million from the education budget. Barrett too refused to say, when asked three separate times, how he would have balanced the budget. Both candidates say they wouldn’t have enacted tax cuts Walker put into place, which amounted to a little over $100 million or 3 percent of the state’s deficit. Barrett and Falk leave voters guessing what they would have done about the other 97 percent of the deficit. Walker fills in the details: “The answer is they’d have to do what they did in Illinois, which is massive tax increases, massive service cuts, and layoffs.”

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