Sunday, April 01, 2012

Does the Sun Times have a lawsuit accusing the McMahon’s of fraudulent contracting practices?

Does the Sun Times have a lawsuit accusing the McMahon’s of fraudulent contracting practices?

Illinois Pay to Play exploring some strange turns in the CPS Milk Story.  The series seemed odd to me and especially on the Daniel T. Frawley whistle blower complaint.
Illinois PayToPlay wonders if a real, Frawley-initiated, court-filed lawsuit exists, anywhere on the planet. If it does exist, why won’t the Sun Times just show it to its readers?

If it doesn’t exist, then it looks like the paper took an unsubstantiated lawsuit, gleaned allegations from it unfavorable to a contractor for the City of Chicago during the Daley administration, and then used that information to portray Mayor Emanuel as intent on cleaning up the corruption of the previous regime.

In other words, the Sun Times is bending stories to shill for the Emanuel administration?
Sure looks the case.


Anonymous said...

They don't...they were working off a fictictious document created by Frawley thats contents were already proven false by the FBI...There is a penalty in place for filing a false "whistleblower' report and if you read the one posted at "Illinois Pay to Play" it does not read like an educated attorney wrote it up but an uneducated lunatic...Fusco and Novak were warned of Frawley being an experienced con man but still did not verify the document...ALSO, in case you didn't notice this most recent article neglects to mention "Frawley's $400,000 payment from Rezko to Obama"??? They also refer to the "Chicago Public School's" as "Emanuel's School's", which is probably now more accurate...That ballarina thinks he's King and we are his idiot serfs to do his bidding...Rahm Emanuel has more than just a casual influence with the Sun Times, he owns them.

Anonymous said...


Thought you might be interested in's from February 2012...What to make of it, I do not know???

Anonymous said...

What won’t Frawley do for money, attention–- or reduced jail time?

Hire a “paid assassin” to kill his cousin’s husband who testified against him before the Grand Jury?

After his relatives wouldn’t pay Frawley and his sister $5 million in blackmail money, file a “whistle blower” suit - if indeed one was ever filed (the document posted online is clearly unprofessional, containing typos, mixed fonts) against his relatives for which he will be compensated 10% of the proceeds?

What a scum-bag. The sentencing judge should throw away the key.

If the Sun-Times article was false, they should print a prominent retraction. Using a nut job like Dan Frawley as a source is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Frawley's fraudulant loan, a portion of which he lent to a relative, likely at a usurious rate, is very much to the point. He is convicted of $4.4 million in bank fraud and owes another half million in unpaid taxes.

It calls into question the veracity of any of Frawley's statements as well as his motive. He hardly rises to the level of a credible witness to anything. He is a convicted felon and a desperate man awaiting sentencing of up to 35 years.

This is about his efforts to reduce his jail time and getting money while he's at it. There is also an obvious element of familial jealousy and revenge.

Frawley relishes undue attention to include the negative attention he receives for egregious statements and conduct.

Clearly the copy of the patently amateurish "lawsuit" sent to websites was supplied by Frawley.


Is there a lawsuit or not?

Pdf of "lawsuit."

More Frawley fraud?