Saturday, March 10, 2012

South Asians hosting ‘Meet & Greet’ with Raja Krishnamoorthi | Asian Media USA

If signs mean much, I’d say Krishnamoorthi’s a head.  Driving through the 8th every day I see ‘em for Raga and not one for Duckworth.  Below via Asian Media USA

South Asians are gearing up to mount an unprecedented election campaign to bolster the candidacy of Raja Krishnamoorthi who is mounting a serious challenge to secure democratic nomination for the United States congress in the 8th Congressional district.

To mobilize grass-root campaign support, a ‘Meet & Greet’ event with Raja Krishnamoorthi is hosted on Thursday, March 15, 2012 -7:30 pm at Alhambra Palace Restaurant at 1240 W. Randolph Street in downtown Chicago.

Ranking Congressman Danny Davis is expected to attend the event to showcase his support for Raja Krishnamoorthi and fire up the south Asian American electoral base.

Kishore Mehta , Event Coordinator said the race is now tightening and the south Asians can make the crucial difference in ensuring Raja Krishnamoorthi carry the democratic nomination.Kishore Mehta is urging volunteers to attend the Thursday event to Meet & Greet Raja Krishnamoorthi and also help in the campaign by picking up the yard signs and other election materials and also have dinner.

A host of Indian Americans are joining to host the Thursday event in downtown includes Dr. Nassar Rustum, Dr. Pratap Kumar, Dr. Madhaviah Singa, Dr. M.Zahid, Mukesh Patel, Palani Sakthi, Dr.Tapas Dasgupta, Sohan Joshi, Paul Chellappa, Chenna Kesavulu, Ravi Pulikuri, Aiyaaz Ahmed, Dr. Ahsan, Keerthi Ravoori and Syed Mohammed.

South Asians hosting ‘Meet & Greet’ with Raja Krishnamoorthi | Asian Media USA

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