Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obama, Welch, Skip Saviano and the odd politics of Proviso Townshp

Party labels don't mean much in Proviso Politics. Below via Illinois Observer on Skip Saviano's endorsement of Democrat Chris Welch. You'd almost think Welch was running as Obama's VP from his signs. A deal with Skip sealed over lunch at Danny's I'm sure.
Democratic state representative candidate Chris Welch of Hillside, who’s campaigning for an open seat in western Cook County, won the open support of the Illinois House GOP Campaign Chairman and nearby incumbent State Rep. Angelo “Skip” Saviano (R-Elmwood Park) in large part because he is not fellow Democrat Rory Hoskins, Welch’s top opponent in the four-way Democratic primary, sources say.

Hoskins, who is a Village of Forest Park commissioner, was first elected to his village post with the help of Saviano in 2007. In 2011, Hoskins allied himself with fellow commissioner Marty Tellalian’s failed effort to challenge long-time Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone for a fourth-term.

Calderone’s chief ally is Saviano. Calderone is also backing Welch, a Proviso school board trustee Ex-commissioner Tellalian is backing Hoskins.

Had Hoskins played nice he might have been Skip’s endorsed Democratic state representative candidate on Tuesday.
Oak Park's Wednesday Journal had a scathing Editorial on Welch and endorsed his opponent,
An open seat in a safe Democratic district (above) is seemingly hard to pass up. With Karen Yarbrough running for the double pension and patronage scraps of the inconsequential county Recorder of Deeds office, a good batch of Dems set their sights on her seat. Now we are down to four candidates and two top contenders — Rory Hoskins and Chris Welch.

And voters in River Forest may have the deciding votes.

Princess Dempsey is an energetic and bright candidate. We hope she stays active in local government. Beyonca Johnson is something of a puzzle to us and we cannot endorse her.

That brings us to Hoskins, a Forest Park village commissioner, and Welch, the longtime president of the Proviso public high schools.

We enthusiastically endorse Rory Hoskins. He is smart, thoughtful and realistic. Hoskins understands the grave issues citizens face as Springfield punts and poses. He will bring a critical eye to state government while continuing to focus on vital services.

Chris Welch? We have nothing but contempt for Chris Welch. Under his all powerful leadership he has driven Proviso public high schools to the very lowest measurable rungs of education in this state. While his supporters benefit, a generation of young students have been condemned by his arrogance. The state now runs the finances of the Proviso schools. And he wants us to send him to Springfield? Hubris. Greed. Malevolence.
Hubris. Greed. Malevolence? Well, those aren't new words for politics on the West Side. We eat well though.

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