Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It’s time for Dan Frawley to sing

VetThePrez retells the Nadhmi Auchi / Alsammarae story with the new possibilities yet to be sentenced Dan Frawley has some recordings.  It’s right out of a John LeCarre novel.  Alsammarae’s been back in the US too.  Gotta wonder what he’s up too now.

Should Barack Obama be worried?

Possibly. According to one very reliable source, when Daniel Frawley was negotiating with politicians about the power plant contract, he was wearing a wire the whole time. When Frawley met with Seamus Ahern in Obama’s Moline office, he was wearing a wire. In fact, the source claims, Frawley tried to meet everyone he could while he was wearing a wire.

Perhaps if everyone keeps talking the Feds will get around to investigating that power plant in Iraq contract deal after all — maybe sometime in 2013.

Also see Former Rezko partner says he gave Tony $400K for Obama, also posted at IllinoisPaytoPlay.com.

#VetThePrez : It’s time for Dan Frawley to sing


Anonymous said...

How long have we waited for this? How long have we known there was "wrong doing"? can you spell c-o-v-e-r-u-p?

Anonymous said...

What won’t Frawley do for money, attention-– or a reduced jail time for his millions in bank fraud and his half million in unpaid taxes?

Hire a “paid assassin” to kill his cousin’s husband who testified against him before the Grand Jury?

After his relatives wouldn't pay him and his sister $5 million in blackmail money, file a “whistle blower” suit against them-– for which he will be compensated 10% of the proceeds?

What a scumb bag. He deserves the full 35 years in jail.

Anonymous said...

As of 04/03/12, Illinois Pay to Pay does not believe Frawley filed a "whistleblower" lawsuit.


Pdf of "lawsuit" supplied to website by an "associate" of Frawley's. It obviously was not drafted by a professional; it's loaded with typos and misspellings.