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A Dave Syverson Mailer

I was surprised to find I lived in his district now.  I thought I was going to have to pick between Cliff Surges and Karen McConnaughay, but it seems the district reaches out into a chunk of Campton Hills.  I now have a Senator with a district that reaches too Wisconsin.  A really safe Republican district given to some of the nutty charges a GOP primary in Illinois given too. 

I’ve met Syverson.  I support him and will vote for him.

March 9, 2012

Dear Friends,

As a good friend of mine who pastors a church said, "One-half of the truth is still a lie."

By now I'm sure you have received numerous "robo calls" and negative attack mailings from my opponent accusing me of everything except starting the Chicago Fire. Although this is a sign of her desperation, I can only hope that people will seek their own truth and realize that the comments made against me are either greatly embellished or just outright lies. 

I am disappointed that instead of talking about the major issues we now face in Illinois, my opponent's strategy has been to throw as much false information against the wall hoping that even some of it will stick. This includes everything from "Syverson is not Pro-Life," to "Syverson supported Governor Blagojevich's health plan," to "Syverson supports tax increases." (All false and absurd!)

I am proud of my record and the work I have done on behalf of my district, but instead of taking my word for it, below you can read what others have said and where I truly stand on issues.

I would also ask, if you wouldn't mind forwarding this newsletter on to your friends and family. It would help in getting the message out.  

With appreciation,



Senator Syverson is honored to be endorsed  

today by the Rockford Register Star and the  

Chicago Tribune


"Dave Syverson has been trying to address issues that are crippling the Illinois state budget long before it became in vogue to do so. . . . Dave Syverson's voice is needed in the Senate; he's our choice."

(Click here for full article)


From today's endorsement:

". . . Syverson is one of the more thoughtful voices on public health issues.

He would vote for the pension reform plan, though he knows it is unpopular.

Senator Christine Johnson is non-committal on that. The last thing we need is a Republican who's wishy-washy on pension reform.

Syverson is endorsed."

Syverson is proud to be endorsed and supported by:

    • NFIB 
    • IMA - Illinois Manufacturing Association
    • TMA -Tooling & Manufacturing Association
    • Caterpillar
    • NRA - National Rifle Association
    • Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
    • Belvidere/DeKalb/Sycamore Professional Fire Fighters Association
    • ABATE
    • Illinois Rental Property Owners Association
    • Fiscal Accountability PAC

And other leading organizations  


QUIZ: See how well you do . . .Quiz

  1. Who did not support tax caps?
  2. Who voted to shift school funding to local property tax payers?
  3. Who, according to the Chicago Tribune, has been "wishy-washy" on Pension Reform?
  4. Who accepted 15 pay raises that nearly doubled their salary?
  5. Who voted against raising the amount for personal exemptions on Illinois tax returns?
  6. Who voted against reducing the death tax that heirs must pay?
  7. Who has never voted on a pro-life bill?

ANSWER: If you answered Dave's opponent, Christine Johnson, to all the above, you get 100%! You can see why they want to shift the focus to attacking Dave Syverson.

For  more information on where Dave stands on the issues, you can go to his website


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Senator Dave Syverson

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