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Stand with Walker U of Wisc Madison

A Stand with Walker poster in the window of a Dorm at U. of Wisc Madison. There were more than one as I walked around. My Badger tells me Ron Paul generates most of the buzz among students in Madison.

Scott Walker v President Obama

Good ad...

Germany's Best-Loved Cowboy: The Fantastical World of Cult Novelist Karl May - SPIEGEL ONLINE

The pit falls of foreign travel,

Only once did he actually visit those wild, faraway countries where he had so fearlessly traveled from the safety of his desk. In April 1899, Karl May took a ship from Genoa to Port Said in Egypt, aiming to finally see the Orient. He had 50,000 marks, a tremendous amount of money at the time, to spend on lodgings for himself and his valet. He was 57, one of Germany's most famous authors and a rich man.

The trip was a disaster. May couldn't tolerate the foreign food, and he was distressed by the stench, the noise and ubiquitous filth. Everything went straight to his stomach and his head. And then there were the tourists combing the sights of Cairo with their Baedeker travel books, "tightly clutching the red guide," as the author grumbled.

But he stuck it out, traveling from Egypt to Ceylon and Sumatra, as if to retroactively walk in the steps of someone he had only pretended to be in the past: an adventurer and globetrotter. When May returned to his native Saxony, after 16 months and two nervous breakdowns, he vowed not to embark on another adventure anytime soon. America, the other land of adventure he portrayed in his books, would have to wait.

Germany's Best-Loved Cowboy: The Fantastical World of Cult Novelist Karl May - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

The Hultgren Huddle - March 31st Edition

Randy Hultgren on the budget,

On Thursday, the House once again fulfilled its Constitutional duty to the American people, and passed a budget for the federal government. This budget – the Path to Prosperity - cuts spending, shrinks the federal government, gets Americans back to work, and begins the long-overdue process of reforming our byzantine tax code, all while protecting seniors, veterans, and those struggling to make ends meet.

I was proud to support this budget proposal, because with a national debt of more than $15 trillion, and unemployment stuck above 8 percent for more than three straight years, it’s clear that the Washington policies of borrowing, spending, and taxing have failed. The Path to Prosperity also strengthens Medicare, securing its promise for future generations while protecting today’s seniors; without these reforms, Medicare will be bankrupt within a few short decades.

The Path to Prosperity now goes to the Senate for their consideration. I hope that they take it up quickly and pass it, but since it has been more than 1,000 days since they last passed a budget, I won’t be holding my breath.

In other news this week, Congress finally passed the JOBS Act, a bipartisan bill to help our small businesses get access to the capital they need to hire and expand. The JOBS Act, which has the support of President Obama, is now headed to his desk for his signature, and will soon become the law of the land.

Finally, as you may know, the Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of the President’s health care law. Based on those arguments, I’m hopeful that justices will find at least the individual mandate – if not the entire law – to be unconstitutional.

If you haven’t already, be sure to like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or check out my YouTube page to stay informed on everything I’m doing on your behalf in Washington and in Illinois.

As always, it is truly an honor to serve you in Washington. Please contact me at 630.232.7104 or 202.225.2976 if I can be of assistance, or if you’d like to share your thoughts on the issues before Congress.

In service,

Randy Hultgren

Member of Congress

The Hultgren Huddle - March 31st Edition

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marathon Pundit: Six shot, one dead, in Bobby "Hoodie" Rush's district tonight #trayvonmartin #tcot #chicago #biden

Marathon Pundit: Six shot, one dead, in Bobby "Hoodie" Rush's district tonight #trayvonmartin #tcot #chicago #biden:

Rush should deal with the carnage in our own backyard in Chicago.

Rep. Mick Mulvaney Offers President Obama's budget

Not a single Democrat would vote for it. The House unanimously rejected it. More over at the Blaze...

Paul Ryan: A Budget That Trusts the American People

Ryan on the GOP's Budget Plan. Note yesterday the entire house voted down President Obama's budget. Not a single Democrat would vote for President Obama's budget.

And what's Tammy Duckworth's comment on Bobby Rush's Hoodie Moment?

Joe Walsh coolly deflating Tammy Duckworth's extremist frame as he comments on Bobby "Black Panther Party Minister of Defense" Rush's display in the house. Where's Duckworth on her fellow Illinois Dem?

View more videos at:

Solicitor General Coughs, Stumbles, Stutters Through ObamaCare Defense

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

LaHood’s Common-Sense Ethics Legislation Killed in Committee - Illinois Review

File under Illinois ain’t ready for reform,

SPRINGFIELD – On Friday, March 23, it became apparent that several ethics measures introduced by State Senator Darin LaHood (R-Dunlap) would never make it to the Senate floor. LaHood’s bills, which were common-sense measures to increase transparency and promote ethical behavior in the General Assembly, have been held in the Senate Executive Subcommittee on State Government Operations. This is a tactic often used by Senate Democrats to kill legislation and prevent it from coming up for a vote on the Senate floor. To get this legislation considered, LaHood has even offered to allow a member of the Senate Democratic Caucus to take over sponsorship of the bill, so long as this important measure will be allowed to come to the floor for a vote.

LaHood’s Common-Sense Ethics Legislation Killed in Committee - Illinois Review

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Milk money: Clout-heavy family got $162 million in contracts - Chicago Sun-Times

Geez does Daniel T. Frawley have a Chicago Way story to tell. No way this guy should be put on ice. He needs to be sat down with a videographer and the whole story on the Chicago Way told.

Frawley's connections to the CPS Milk story in today's STMilk money: Clout-heavy family got $162 million in contracts - Chicago Sun-Times:
Family feud

Frank McMahon’s first cousin, Daniel T. Frawley, filed a “whistleblower” lawsuit in federal court last July accusing McMahon Food, C & C and Krystal of actually being run by men, even though the companies are certified as being women-owned and -operated. As a result, Frawley says McMahon Food was able to obtain multimillion-dollar deals with Cook County government, including supplying dairy goods to the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

McMahon Food also has a $2.5 million-a-year subcontracting deal to supply milk to the Cook County Jail.

Frawley, 60, of Westchester, is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty last year to a $4.4 million bank fraud.

Frank McMahon’s attorneys say Frawley’s claims are “not true” and amount to “an attempt to once again defraud someone out of something.”

Both McMahon Food and Windy City Electric were part of the CPS inspector general’s investigation of milk contracts in 1999. The companies refused to comply with that office’s subpoenas, prompting a lawsuit by the Board of Education, then headed by Chico. A judge ordered the McMahon companies to comply with the subpoenas. The McMahons appealed but then dropped the case.

The inspector general wanted to bar McMahon Food from future CPS business, but the school system’s law department refused.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sheboygan Lutheran High School Visits the Solidarity Sing Along

via The Blaze

I've been in Madison a lot this last year and have often seen the protesters. It's a geriatric bunch on the march in Wisconsin. It's a striking contrast. Not the Madison of student protests days I remember. Just old protesters from those days clenching their fists.

It’s time for Dan Frawley to sing

VetThePrez retells the Nadhmi Auchi / Alsammarae story with the new possibilities yet to be sentenced Dan Frawley has some recordings.  It’s right out of a John LeCarre novel.  Alsammarae’s been back in the US too.  Gotta wonder what he’s up too now.

Should Barack Obama be worried?

Possibly. According to one very reliable source, when Daniel Frawley was negotiating with politicians about the power plant contract, he was wearing a wire the whole time. When Frawley met with Seamus Ahern in Obama’s Moline office, he was wearing a wire. In fact, the source claims, Frawley tried to meet everyone he could while he was wearing a wire.

Perhaps if everyone keeps talking the Feds will get around to investigating that power plant in Iraq contract deal after all — maybe sometime in 2013.

Also see Former Rezko partner says he gave Tony $400K for Obama, also posted at

#VetThePrez : It’s time for Dan Frawley to sing

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Trier GOP committeeman fired by Chicago GOP chairman #DanPatlaksupporters #thugalert « conservativeBrand

Illinois GOP needs to get a handle on the rot in the Cook County GOP if they're ever going to rebuild the party in Illinois.  Nutzo stuff like this has to end.

Via Conservative Brand,

New Trier GOP committeeman fired by Chicago GOP chairman #DanPatlaksupporters #thugalert « conservativeBrand:

If News Trier Republican voters thought they were going to be able to sleep through the primary election tomorrow (or play 9 holes of golf), today’s news will change everything. New Trier Republican Committeeman Bill Cadigan, who was appointed to fill Tolbert Chisum’s position, was peremptorily fired today by the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, Sig Vaznelis. No specific reason was given in the letter that was delivered to the township office this morning, but Cadigan has strongly supported Dan Patlak in the GOP primary for commissioner of the Board of (Tax) Review. Vaznelis is connected to Elizabeth Doody Gorman, the south side Orland Park committeeman who joined in the vicious negative campaign against Patlak.

American Cancer Society Attacks Me by Name Over California Tax Grab? « Publius Forum

American Cancer Society Attacks Me by Name Over California Tax Grab? « Publius Forum:
Warner writes,
The accusation leveled against me is that I am “in bed with Big Tobacco.” Naturally, these left-wingers don’t bother with any proof. They just hang the claim out there and leave it at that. If I am working with Big Tobacco, I have to say that their checks are late. I didn’t even get a cool Joe Camel T-Shirt, the ingrates! (In case they pull down the page, I have a screen shot saved here)

But imagine. This coalition of deep-pocketed, big government-loving entities is coming after me by name. Seriously. Have you ever heard of billion dollar groups like these attacking a single blogger like this? It truly is a new world.
A little over the top for a giant disease lobby.

Dems: Vote for accused bribe-taker - “No defeat or retreat — keep the Dem seat.”

‘Cause Mike Madigan says so,

In the parks, churches, bowling alleys and VFW halls of Illinois, candidates for president, state supreme court, state representative and every office in-between made their last-minute pitches before Tuesday’s primary elections.

Perhaps the most audacious plea came from West Side Democratic elected officials who urged voters to support an Illinois House member charged with bribery. It looks bad, they acknowledged, but it will prevent the seat from falling into the hands of Republicans.

The rally in support of appointed state Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago) featured U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), three aldermen and a county commissioner and even adopted a catchy moniker: “No defeat or retreat — keep the Dem seat.”

Dems: Vote  for accused bribe-taker - Chicago Sun-Times

Tammy Duckworth: ‘Do You Support the President’s Budget?’ |

DuckObamaDuckworth still can't commit on the Presidents Budget... via Tammy Duckworth: ‘Do You Support the President’s Budget?’ |

Marathon Pundit Video: Romney on Obama the Illinois legislator

More via Marathon Pundit. He's been all over covering the primary.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Axelrod Struggles When Confronted With Obama's Hypocrisy On Gas Prices

David goes incoherent.

Obama shuts down Nixon’s Minority Business Development Agency

Just when Mayor Emanuel tells us 26th street second only to the Mag Mile in generating Sales Tax Revenue for Chicago, the Prez decides to shut down the Minority Business Development Agencies regional offices,

The Office of Minority Business Development‘s mission is to promote competitiveness and provide access to capital and contracts to minority businesses.  In 1969 Richard Nixon established the Office of Minority Business Enterprise by executive order.  During the Carter Administration the name was changed to the Office of Minority Business Development.

Present at the meeting with Commerce officials were Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Charlie Gonzalez (D-TX), Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair Judy Chu (D-CA) and Reps. Grace Napolitano (D-CA), Judy Chu (D-CA), Mike Honda (D-CA), Yvette Clarke (D-NY), Bobby Scott (D-VA), G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) and Bobby Rush (D-IL) among others.

Several members were unhappy with the decision.

“It sends the wrong message to entrepreneurs and businesses in our community at this time when we need to have an expansion,” Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) said.  Rush offered legislation to increase funding to the Minority Business Development Agency.

“This is message administrating, message management and message politics. It doesn’t have anything to do with the bottom line. The best message is one of expansion of the MBDA so it can do its work and meet its mission on the ground level and on the local level on the front line,” Rush added.  Rush added that he has had a great working relationship with the regional office in Chicago.

It really is a War on Kulaks and it doesn’t matter if their Hispanics or Blacks or Asians.  It’s the business part that sticks in this Administrations craw.  Business has gotta go.

5 dead, 12 wounded in attacks across Chicago

5 dead, 12 wounded in attacks across Chicago

Great Springtime weather brings out the hoodlums in Chicago and the Butcher's Bill soars.  5 Dead, 12 wounded and it's not even 10am Sunday.

Chicago Democrats all worked up about a "War on Women" and perfectly silent on the really and bloody war fought daily on our streets with victims often children.

Obama, Welch, Skip Saviano and the odd politics of Proviso Townshp

Party labels don't mean much in Proviso Politics. Below via Illinois Observer on Skip Saviano's endorsement of Democrat Chris Welch. You'd almost think Welch was running as Obama's VP from his signs. A deal with Skip sealed over lunch at Danny's I'm sure.
Democratic state representative candidate Chris Welch of Hillside, who’s campaigning for an open seat in western Cook County, won the open support of the Illinois House GOP Campaign Chairman and nearby incumbent State Rep. Angelo “Skip” Saviano (R-Elmwood Park) in large part because he is not fellow Democrat Rory Hoskins, Welch’s top opponent in the four-way Democratic primary, sources say.

Hoskins, who is a Village of Forest Park commissioner, was first elected to his village post with the help of Saviano in 2007. In 2011, Hoskins allied himself with fellow commissioner Marty Tellalian’s failed effort to challenge long-time Forest Park Mayor Anthony Calderone for a fourth-term.

Calderone’s chief ally is Saviano. Calderone is also backing Welch, a Proviso school board trustee Ex-commissioner Tellalian is backing Hoskins.

Had Hoskins played nice he might have been Skip’s endorsed Democratic state representative candidate on Tuesday.
Oak Park's Wednesday Journal had a scathing Editorial on Welch and endorsed his opponent,
An open seat in a safe Democratic district (above) is seemingly hard to pass up. With Karen Yarbrough running for the double pension and patronage scraps of the inconsequential county Recorder of Deeds office, a good batch of Dems set their sights on her seat. Now we are down to four candidates and two top contenders — Rory Hoskins and Chris Welch.

And voters in River Forest may have the deciding votes.

Princess Dempsey is an energetic and bright candidate. We hope she stays active in local government. Beyonca Johnson is something of a puzzle to us and we cannot endorse her.

That brings us to Hoskins, a Forest Park village commissioner, and Welch, the longtime president of the Proviso public high schools.

We enthusiastically endorse Rory Hoskins. He is smart, thoughtful and realistic. Hoskins understands the grave issues citizens face as Springfield punts and poses. He will bring a critical eye to state government while continuing to focus on vital services.

Chris Welch? We have nothing but contempt for Chris Welch. Under his all powerful leadership he has driven Proviso public high schools to the very lowest measurable rungs of education in this state. While his supporters benefit, a generation of young students have been condemned by his arrogance. The state now runs the finances of the Proviso schools. And he wants us to send him to Springfield? Hubris. Greed. Malevolence.
Hubris. Greed. Malevolence? Well, those aren't new words for politics on the West Side. We eat well though.

McHenry County Blog | Mary Alger Reports from Rick Santorum Rally

Cal Skinner’s post.  For once Illinois GOP in a position to be decisive on a Presidential primary and the candidates all seemed to land in the NW burbs.  It’s been quite a few days.

McHenry County Blog | Mary Alger Reports from Rick Santorum Rally

Rick Santorum’s Illinois Rally |

Prairie State Report took plenty of pictures including Cliff Surges and Jon Zahm from out my way here in Kane County.

Rick Santorum’s Illinois Rally |

Marathon Pundit: Video: Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives

Via MP…he and a few other hardy Illinois righty bloggers have been all over the past few days.

Marathon Pundit: Video: Rick Santorum's message to Illinois conservatives

Friday, March 16, 2012

Biden, Stalin, Yezhov and those Men of Steel

"But the guy I work with, every day, the president, didn't flinch. This is a man with steel in his spine," Biden said, saying Obama rescued the American auto sector even though it was unpopular.

"He wasn't going to give up on a million jobs, and the iconic industry America invented. At least he wasn't going to give it up without a fight.

"He made the tough call, and the verdict is in, President Obama is right and they were dead wrong."

--VP Biden
Geez, I'd lay of the Man of Steel stuff on an Obama with widely noted likeness to Nikoai Yezhov (check the google hits on "Yezhov Obama". Yezhov was Stalin's  Iron Fist, and Stalin translates into man of steel in Russian.  Bolsheviks don't pick soft names.
The need for these tough-as-nails characterizations in a leader just a red-flag; in a warning sense, not a Marxist one.

Leaders need toughness, but leaders needing tough images creepy. So lets give it up guys before some foreign knucklehead calls our bluff.

Marathon Pundit: Video and pics: Romney in Rosemont, Illinois

JR covers Romney in Rosemont…

Marathon Pundit: Video and pics: Romney in Rosemont, Illinois

Turns out Rutherford does his own tweets.  Doesn’t delegate it to some staffer.  Heard Romney ads on WLS this am and thought they were effective.  Heard McCain on Santorum’s earmarks yesterday with Don and Roma and McCain was really effective.

Chicago Daily Observer » The Controlled, Committed, and Casuals

Russ Stewarts predictions on some of next Tuesday’s races.  I think he’s got Krishnamoorthi v Duckworth wrong.   Raja’s organization and residual anomoisty towards Duckworth from the Cegelis race give this to Krishnamoorthi.

Chicago Daily Observer » Blog Archive » My Projections for Primary Season

Libya Spot Report

Michael Yon’s good news look at Libya:

Libya Spot Report



Every morning I have to listen to the radio ads of Sean Morrison and Dan Patlak. Who’s telling the truth? If Mr.Patlak is such a crook present the evidence and put him in jail. The man has been in office for a short time and is accused of stealing thousands upon thousands of dollars.. That’s hard to believe. On top of that I received robo calls from Liz Gorman promoting Sean Morrison. When will this nonsense end? We don’t need deceptions and accusations; we need honest solutions to real problems. If this is the way people run campaigns, can you imagine how they’ll run their political office?


I just heard Liz on WLS this AM too.  I’m afraid GOP Chairman Brady’s fears of what Chris Lauzen could do to the Illinois GOP misplaced.  The problem for the GOP is south, in Orland, and it’s devastating the GOP’s last toehold in Cook County.

Newt on Drilling, North Dakota, and Jobs

Newt at Rosemont Illinois via Marathon Pundit and Cal Skinner's take on Newt's appearance at Lake-of-the-Hills.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

American Conservative Union partners with Right Nation and Heartland Institute for CPAC Chicago - Illinois Review

CPAC’s coming to Chicago!  Check it out over at Illinois Review….

American Conservative Union partners with Right Nation and Heartland Institute for CPAC Chicago - Illinois Review

Newt Gingrich Slams the President as a member of the “Flat Earth, Sierra Club Society.”

Warner catches Gingrich responding to President Obama’s Flat Earth Society charge over at Otto Engineering…. not far from my home.

Update: Check out Daily Herald's Kerry Lester's Q and A with Newt.  He's a candid kinda guy.

Raja Krishnamoorhi: getting all America offers yet complaining

For what it’s worth, I think he wins this primary, but it seems a bit lame for a guy welcomed to the United States, and a recipient of the finest US education that lands him prestigious jobs in American Government and Law; to complain he was discriminated against here.  If that’s discrimination, plenty all over the world would seek it.

Back in my Harrington and King days, a fellow steel worker told me as a kid on the West Side he’d visit his grandpa on Sunday’s and his folks would make him thank Grandpa for leaving Sicily for Chicago.  No yakking on circles of inclusion. West Siders were thankful for Chicago and freedom from Europe’s tyrannies.

The K tells Windy City….

Raja Krishnamoorthi is promising two things to voters this primary: to focus on the economy and to "enlarge the circle of inclusion" in the United States. By the latter, he means, he wants to fight discrimination, which he has experienced and says he recognizes plagues LGBT communities.

Krishnamoorthi, a Hoffman Estates resident, is running for Congress in the Democratic 8th District primary against Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth.

Krishnamoorthi was born in India and raised in Peoria, Ill. He attended Princeton University and then Harvard Law School. He has worked as deputy treasurer for Illinois and as a partner of Kirkland & Ellis Law firm. He also served as an advisor President Obama's 2004 Senate campaign and his 2008 presidential run. In 2010, Krishnamoorthi made an unsuccessful run for Illinois State Comptroller.

U.S. CONGRESS: Raja Krishnamoorhi talks economy, LGBTs - 284 - Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News - Windy City Times

Marathon Pundit: Video: Newt on brain science and gasoline

Marathon Pundit: Video: Newt on brain science and gasoline

MP captures Newt on video covering brain science to gas prices and making it all flow together.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ethics questions arise in 42nd State House race - Illinois Review

IR on Jeanne Ives race…

Ethics questions arise in 42nd State House race - Illinois Review

My buddy likes her and sent me this video a while ago.  A little heavy on the West Point stuff and the video just cuts out at the very end (it’s long enough though).  If Proft was giving her media advice, well, he should have advised her on closings.

But my buddy in Wheaton likes her.  See for yourself,

AFP-IL hosting gas price townhall with Joe Walsh - Illinois Review

This townhall will feature question and answer with Rep. Walsh and David From about the impact of the administration’s energy policy on Illinois.

  • What: Townhall with Rep. Joe Walsh on Rising Gas Prices and High Energy Costs
  • When: Thursday, March 15th starting at 6:00 p.m.
  • Where: Diplomat West Banquet Hall, 681 West North Avenue, Elmhurst

For further comments and questions, contact David From at (312) 465-0407.

AFP-IL hosting gas price townhall with Joe Walsh - Illinois Review

This should be great….   I’ll try and be there.

ObamaCare: If Possible, The News Is Getting Worse - Forbes

ObamaCare: If Possible, The News Is Getting Worse - Forbes:

Investors recoil. Uncertainty about the future of the health sector is also drying up investor capital — and threatening tomorrow’s medical innovations. The share of venture dollars flowing to seed and early-stage investments in biotechnology and medical devices has plummeted since 2007, when investors pumped $3.6 billion into 332 deals in which a price was disclosed, according to data compiled for Kaiser Health News by FactSet Research Systems. Overall venture investing declined by nearly one-third as the economic recession set in.
The really harmful effect.  Years lost we can never recover.

Rebel Pundit: Recall Scott Walker Demo

I was up in Madison visiting my daughter at U of W last Saturday and stumbled on this demo as it broke up. It's a geriatric crowd of protestors and the protest lessons the closer you get to the campus and a younger bunch. Not the Madison I remember from the 60s and 70s. This is an old-peoples movment.

US Marines disarmed for SecDef visit to Helmand - Threat Matrix

US Marines disarmed for SecDef visit to Helmand - Threat Matrix

Hard to imagine a  more humiliating moment for an American SecDef than commanders disarming Marines for fear they'd shoot him.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

8 shot on South, West sides Saturday night and Sunday morning

8 shot on South, West sides Saturday night and Sunday morning

Time still left to up the tally.  If #OccupyChicago had some guts they'd Occupy some neighborhoods really bad guys actors control.

A Dave Syverson Mailer

I was surprised to find I lived in his district now.  I thought I was going to have to pick between Cliff Surges and Karen McConnaughay, but it seems the district reaches out into a chunk of Campton Hills.  I now have a Senator with a district that reaches too Wisconsin.  A really safe Republican district given to some of the nutty charges a GOP primary in Illinois given too. 

I’ve met Syverson.  I support him and will vote for him.

March 9, 2012

Dear Friends,

As a good friend of mine who pastors a church said, "One-half of the truth is still a lie."

By now I'm sure you have received numerous "robo calls" and negative attack mailings from my opponent accusing me of everything except starting the Chicago Fire. Although this is a sign of her desperation, I can only hope that people will seek their own truth and realize that the comments made against me are either greatly embellished or just outright lies. 

I am disappointed that instead of talking about the major issues we now face in Illinois, my opponent's strategy has been to throw as much false information against the wall hoping that even some of it will stick. This includes everything from "Syverson is not Pro-Life," to "Syverson supported Governor Blagojevich's health plan," to "Syverson supports tax increases." (All false and absurd!)

I am proud of my record and the work I have done on behalf of my district, but instead of taking my word for it, below you can read what others have said and where I truly stand on issues.

I would also ask, if you wouldn't mind forwarding this newsletter on to your friends and family. It would help in getting the message out.  

With appreciation,



Senator Syverson is honored to be endorsed  

today by the Rockford Register Star and the  

Chicago Tribune


"Dave Syverson has been trying to address issues that are crippling the Illinois state budget long before it became in vogue to do so. . . . Dave Syverson's voice is needed in the Senate; he's our choice."

(Click here for full article)


From today's endorsement:

". . . Syverson is one of the more thoughtful voices on public health issues.

He would vote for the pension reform plan, though he knows it is unpopular.

Senator Christine Johnson is non-committal on that. The last thing we need is a Republican who's wishy-washy on pension reform.

Syverson is endorsed."

Syverson is proud to be endorsed and supported by:

    • NFIB 
    • IMA - Illinois Manufacturing Association
    • TMA -Tooling & Manufacturing Association
    • Caterpillar
    • NRA - National Rifle Association
    • Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
    • Belvidere/DeKalb/Sycamore Professional Fire Fighters Association
    • ABATE
    • Illinois Rental Property Owners Association
    • Fiscal Accountability PAC

And other leading organizations  


QUIZ: See how well you do . . .Quiz

  1. Who did not support tax caps?
  2. Who voted to shift school funding to local property tax payers?
  3. Who, according to the Chicago Tribune, has been "wishy-washy" on Pension Reform?
  4. Who accepted 15 pay raises that nearly doubled their salary?
  5. Who voted against raising the amount for personal exemptions on Illinois tax returns?
  6. Who voted against reducing the death tax that heirs must pay?
  7. Who has never voted on a pro-life bill?

ANSWER: If you answered Dave's opponent, Christine Johnson, to all the above, you get 100%! You can see why they want to shift the focus to attacking Dave Syverson.

For  more information on where Dave stands on the issues, you can go to his website


Sig 2 Dave

Senator Dave Syverson

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obama Rezko problem remains despite Fitzgerald, Holder, USDOJ and media

via CitzenWells....

McHenry County Blog | Surges Rebuts McConnaughay “Hit Piece” on Property Tax Payments

MCB’s take on the McConnaughay Hit Piece on Cliff Surges.  My vote’s on the desperation angle.  I have a feeling the walls closing in and the air’s getting thin on the McConnaughay-Burns side.  Lauzen and his index cards having some effect.

What this all means for Pat Brady getting stuck in all a good question.

McHenry County Blog | Surges Rebuts McConnaughay “Hit Piece” on Property Tax Payments

Community extends support to Raja Before March 20th Election — Niles news, photos and events —

If Raja looses, Walsh needs a few TV ads or visits from Bobby Jindhal or Nikki Haley.  An entrepreneurial community has more interests with Walsh’s views than Duckworth’s policies.  Dems on the street tell me Duckworth looses this though.

Schaumburg IL: Prominent members of the South Asian community came together on Sunday, March 4, 2012 at India House Catering & Banquets, located at 1521 West Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg, IL to offer their support at a Fund-Raiser for U.S. Congressional Candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi. 70 plus supporters of Raja joined in this gathering.

There were many dignitaries present at this auspicious musical night which included Vijay Patel, Ramesh Raval, Dinesh Gandhi, Harendra Mangrola, Jitendra Diganvker, Dr Ram Gajjela, Narenbhai Patel, Beena Patel, Hasan Merchant, Sunil Shah, Nasir Jehangir, Ashish Sen, Babu Patel, Kanti Patel, Dr. Hardinder Khaira, Sudhir Patel, Anu Sikri, Needhi Gupta, Rinki Talati, Mridu Sekhar, Shefali Patel, Deep Patel, Manish Patel, Nishi Patel, Sema Patel, Umang Patel, Susan Daniel Patel, Jiya Patel, Vandana Jhingan from TV Asia, and Suresh Bodiwala from Asian Media USA

The program started at 8 pm, Vandana Jhingan welcomed Raja and all invited guests. Mike Murray, Deputy Campaign Manager Raja for Congress showed Raja's TV Ad and the following presentation:

8th District Voting Profile (Good News):
• There are 22,541 registered (they can vote) South Asians in the 8th District. 1,492 of these likely voters are South Asian, or 4.2% of the primary voting universe

Community extends support to Raja Before March 20th Election — Niles news, photos and events —

South Asians hosting ‘Meet & Greet’ with Raja Krishnamoorthi | Asian Media USA

If signs mean much, I’d say Krishnamoorthi’s a head.  Driving through the 8th every day I see ‘em for Raga and not one for Duckworth.  Below via Asian Media USA

South Asians are gearing up to mount an unprecedented election campaign to bolster the candidacy of Raja Krishnamoorthi who is mounting a serious challenge to secure democratic nomination for the United States congress in the 8th Congressional district.

To mobilize grass-root campaign support, a ‘Meet & Greet’ event with Raja Krishnamoorthi is hosted on Thursday, March 15, 2012 -7:30 pm at Alhambra Palace Restaurant at 1240 W. Randolph Street in downtown Chicago.

Ranking Congressman Danny Davis is expected to attend the event to showcase his support for Raja Krishnamoorthi and fire up the south Asian American electoral base.

Kishore Mehta , Event Coordinator said the race is now tightening and the south Asians can make the crucial difference in ensuring Raja Krishnamoorthi carry the democratic nomination.Kishore Mehta is urging volunteers to attend the Thursday event to Meet & Greet Raja Krishnamoorthi and also help in the campaign by picking up the yard signs and other election materials and also have dinner.

A host of Indian Americans are joining to host the Thursday event in downtown includes Dr. Nassar Rustum, Dr. Pratap Kumar, Dr. Madhaviah Singa, Dr. M.Zahid, Mukesh Patel, Palani Sakthi, Dr.Tapas Dasgupta, Sohan Joshi, Paul Chellappa, Chenna Kesavulu, Ravi Pulikuri, Aiyaaz Ahmed, Dr. Ahsan, Keerthi Ravoori and Syed Mohammed.

South Asians hosting ‘Meet & Greet’ with Raja Krishnamoorthi | Asian Media USA

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Netanyahu, Israel PM wishes Sen. Kirk a speedy recovery

Tammy Duckworth, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Joe Walsh and the atheist voter

Vice President of Outreach of the National Atheist Party asks Krishnamoorthi, Duckworth, and Walsh: "How will you represent atheist voters?" Fascinating look at three very different styles of candidates. Note Walsh is the guy with zero rating on his voting record from the secularists. Walsh also the guy who asks the atheist to stick around afterwords and give him his contact information.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hultgren: Illinois Proves We Can't Tax Our Way To Prosperity

No kidding...

Congressman Hultgren Calls For Expanded Domestic Energy Production


Over at Illinois Review.

One brave woman.


[H/T] Illinois Review

Breitbart's legacy couldn't have been left in better hands than Joel Pollack's.

Obama's plan for higher gas prices

It's working...

States should study spending before picking benefits, report says -

Proponents of reform are optimistic that extending coverage to the uninsured can help lower overall healthcare costs by offering them more preventive services and avoiding costlier hospital visits. But government-run programs and private health plans have struggled for years to slow spending on expensive medical tests, new prescription drugs and advances in technology.

States should study spending before picking benefits, report says -

“Free Contraception” but let us slow the spending on advances in technology or new drugs please. The nightmare that’s politicized healthcare in the hands of social engineers unfolds.

The most technologically innovative country the worlds yet seen. America’s lead the way in new therapies to wipeout killer diseases, and we’ll chuck it all in a quest for low costs and free contraceptives which are already widely available and inexpensive anyways.

What a tragic disaster.

Beavers: ‘Wild’ U.S attorney responsible for three suicides - Chicago Sun-Times

He’s’ got a point you know.  Fitz as dogged in pursuit but awfully selective who he pursues.  Beaver’s small potatoes.  There was a bigger target here. Plan’s to convict Beavers and sit him in the Metro Correctional Center until he flips.
After a relatively mundane arraignment hearing — lasting all of about 10 minutes — Beavers left the courtroom and walked in a crowd of reporters in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal building — unleashing on Fitzgerald. 

“I do not owe the government any money — no taxes,” Beavers said, moving on to his next point: Fitzgerald. 

“Let me tell you about this federal prosecutor. This man is like a wild man on a train, and somebody needs to stop him. 

“He has caused three deaths — Michael Scott, Orlando Jones and Chris Kelly — with these Gestapo-type tactics that he used to try to make them tell on their friends,” said Beavers, 77.
Beavers: ‘Wild’ U.S attorney responsible for three suicides - Chicago Sun-Times

Friday, March 02, 2012

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers pleads not guilty

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers pleads not guilty

Beavers claims he was indicted for refusing to wear a wire against another county official.

Bill Beaver's no fool. If he keeps repeating this, I wonder if he's gonna be able to prove it in court too.

GM temporarily halts production of Volt - The Hill's Transportation Report

GM temporarily halts production of Volt - The Hill's Transportation Report

"We did not develop the Chevy Volt to be a political punching bag," General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson testified before Congress in the same January hearing. "We engineered the Volt to be a technological wonder."

Looking more and more like British Leyland. What kind of fools run GM that they didn't thinking taking billions from America's taxpayers was going to make them a bit political. The car's no wonder. It's expensive. If Akerson capped himself at a GS-15's pay, maybe he wouldn't have become a punching bag at least.

Cut our losses, and bail out from under this dog, says this shareholder.

Madigan Runs Against Blago | NBC Chicago

Speaker Mike Madigan tells us via  Madigan Runs Against Blago | NBC Chicago

Michael Madigan is making sure crooked politicians who betray the public trust pay for their crimes. Madigan repeatedly opposed disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s wasteful and destructive policies. After the corruption charges against the former governor were filed, Madigan led the fight to impeach and remove him from office. Now, Madigan wants to stamp out corruption by requiring prison sentences for elected officials and high-ranking state employees who commit serious ethics violations.

Ok so is the Speaker wearing a wire for Fitzgerald now?  Maybe Democrats ought to think before they speak to a guy gone googoo on us.

U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald has known of Frawley’s Obama-bribe accusation

Fitz a little choosy who he prosecutes... [H/T] Chicago Daily Observer
U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald has known of Frawley’s Obama-bribe accusation
Since at least last January 22nd, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has known of Daniel Frawley’sclaim that he gave Tony Rezko $400,000 in cash that Rezko then passed on to U.S. Senator Barack Obama. We believe, though, that that knowledge goes back much earlier.
In a December 11, 2011 Illinois Pay To Play (IP2P) article entitled “The Fitz Solution to Corruption: The Citizens Report It,” we noted that “While commenting on Blago’s prison sentence, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald repeated what has become for him a common theme: Illinois citizens are responsible for stopping corruption by reporting it to the authorities.”

DownWithTyranny!: Obama And Poker-- We Lose

Let’s hope Iran’s Mullah’s aren’t big fans of DownWithTyranny when contemplating the President’s I don’t bluff assertion.  The O’s famous for his poker and famous among friends like below for not winning.
I first met Barack Obama when he was a lowly, cigarette-puffing state legislator with a reputation for being a convivial poker player with his Republican colleagues in Springfield, Illinois. In retrospect I realize that they liked him so much because they were probably taking him to the cleaners every day. Even Obama's most dogged defenders admit he's the world's worst poker player-- even if some of them disguise that as civic republicanism (small r)-- and keeps giving away the store to the economic terrorists and predators in his opening hand.
DownWithTyranny!: Obama And Poker-- We Lose

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bernanke warns lawmakers country headed for 'massive fiscal cliff' - The Hill's On The Money

Bernanke warns lawmakers country headed for 'massive fiscal cliff' - The Hill's On The Money

Gosh, surprise.....

Judge: Alvarez must turn over interviews to Koschman lawyers - Chicago Sun-Times

Judge: Alvarez must turn over interviews to Koschman lawyers - Chicago Sun-Times
A Cook County judge ordered State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez on Wednesday to turn over transcripts of six witness interviews to lawyers for Nanci Koschman, a Mount Prospect woman who’s seeking the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the death of her son, David Koschman, after a drunken confrontation with a nephew of then-Mayor Richard M. Daley in 2004.

Good, because this story really stinks.

Building That Once Housed a Legendary Chicago Synagogue Faces Demolition – Tablet Magazine

My Dad told me once while driving home on Van Buren Street to take a good look around because we’re always tearing Chicago down.

In his essay “Chicago, The City That Was: The City That Is,” Saul Bellow wrote: “The speed of the cycles of prosperity and desolation is an extraordinary challenge to historians and prophets.”

I wonder what Bellow would say if he could see the building that once housed Chicago’s Anshe Kanesses synagogue, at 3411 West Douglas Boulevard in North Lawndale. Today, Anshe Kanesses—which was also known as the Russcheses Synagogue, because of the large number of Russian Jews attending—is decrepit and open to the elements in places. Vandals have torn out every piece of copper wire in the walls and broken the sinks to get the aluminum, according to the current property manager, John Vassal.

Building That Once Housed a Legendary Chicago Synagogue Faces Demolition – Tablet Magazine