Thursday, February 02, 2012

Duckworth gaining on Krishnamoorthi in 8th District fundraising -

Daily Herald’s Kerry Lester on the money race in the 8th’s Democratic Primary.

Her donor base includes a number of big names from across the country — including consultant/Democratic strategist David Axelrod of Chicago; real estate developer Neil Bluhm, owner of Rivers Casino in Des Plaines; and former tennis pro Billie Jean King.

Krishnamoorthi, on the other hand, saw $274,489 come from individuals and $14,900 from political action committees. His donor list is filled with South Asian community members from around the area and across the country, including Central Clinical Labs president Imtiaz Ahmad of Chicago, Key Management Group CEO Subhash Bhatia of New York and Baywood Hotels Developer Amit-Al Patel of Maryland.

Duckworth gaining on Krishnamoorthi in 8th District fundraising -

I fully expect to see Gov Bobby Jindal and Gov Nikki Haley at Walsh's sides pointing out to the 8ths Asian Community that Democrats have looked at Asians as deep pockets to purchase Senates seats while the Tea Party and GOP sees them as proud Americans with strong family and entrepreneurial values contributing to America and rightfully belonging in a party that respects that, and not as folks who,gosh, started speaking in Swarmi as Cong Jackson once put it.

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