Monday, February 20, 2012

CredoMobile reverses stance, sets up super PAC

Here comes the CREDO SuperPac targeting our Joe Walsh.  Let’s see who they hire for the dirty work.  It’ll be Tea Party Volunteers versus whomever a San Francisco Mobile Phone can pay off.

Plan to end 'Tea Party Ten'

Credo expects to raise $3 million to defeat what it calls "The Tea Party Ten" - 10 House members from across the nation, most of them freshmen who represent districts that Obama won in 2008.

Unlike other deep-pocketed super PACs, Credo won't use its donations on expensive TV advertising, spending the money instead on building a grassroots campaign, opening offices and hiring staffers in each of the targeted districts.

Since its creation on Dec. 8, Credo's committee had raised $567,690 through Friday, according to Federal Election Commission figures. By comparison, Restore Our Future, the super PAC that supports GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has raised $30 million.

CredoMobile reverses stance, sets up super PAC

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