Saturday, February 25, 2012

Candidates not pleased with Foster verbiage -

Bill Foster’s Democrat Primary opponents on Foster’s non-Union shop in Wisconsin,

“I’m appalled that a man who would build a company and brag about all the jobs he created is now admitting they’re not unionized,” Thomas said.

Hickey also took a jab at Foster.

“We need American companies to use companies that have union workers,” Hickey said. “Unlike Mr. Foster’s (company) where they are non-unionized, I would like to bring unionized manufacturing firms back to America.”

Hickey said he has four generations of union workers in his family, showing he has stronger union roots than either Foster or Thomas.

Candidates not pleased with Foster verbiage -

As I recall, Foster was one of the wealthiest members of Congress when he last served. A real one percenter!

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