Saturday, January 07, 2012

The GOP Needs a Bolder Growth Message

The GOP Needs a Bolder Growth Message

Important stuff to the GOP from Kudlow.
Message to Republicans? Be bold. Adopt a 5 percent growth target. Don't settle for less. Adopt a clear pro-growth platform that emphasizes aggressive fundamental tax-and-regulatory reform for individuals and businesses. Especially make the case for the energy revolution, where blue-collar employment is vitally involved. Deregulate Obamacare to zero. Work on a sound King Dollar.

Most of all, get government out of the way. Instead, open the door for the animal spirits of risk-taking that could torque the economy. And work harder to make a case for limited government spending and deficit reduction, as Sen. Marco Rubio has just done with a tough letter to the president.

As Rubio put it: "It's a tragic reality, but on (Obama's) watch, more and more people have come to believe that America is becoming a deadbeat nation."

Finally, avoid special preferences for individual parts of the economy that distort economic incentives and actually slow down economic growth. As Kim Strassel writes in The Wall Street Journal, the Reagan plan years ago was an optimistic growth message for everyone, not just targeted classes or economic sectors. So don't mimic Obama. Mimic Reagan. Clarify the goal of growth, growth, growth.

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