Thursday, December 22, 2011

Will Raja Krishnamoorthi step aside for Tammy Duckworth?

Just wondering if Krishnamoorthi will step aside (and what he would need to go) to allow a Duckworth a free shot at the nomination, and bank all that money for the General against Walsh.

After all, Krishnamoorthi’s Bright Star baggage seem ‘cause it sounded formidable and right up Walsh’s ally,

It is time for Raja Krishnamoorthi to answer some tough questions about his management and oversight of Illinois’ Bright Start program. Raja claims credit for supervising the Bright Start program, but who was actually watching the investments?

Raja claims Bright Start program is one of top College Savings programs, yet all but one of Illinois funds lost 50 – to- 400% more than their benchmarks?

Who’s going to compensate the 185,000 Bright Start families for the rest of the 40% of their tuition money lost in Oppenheimer’s derivative swaps trading in its Core Bond and Fixed Income funds?

Raja welcomed parents into the program and promptly switched the plan sponsor – his choice, Oppenheimer.

Raja left when most of the funds cratered, performing vastly worse than their benchmarks. Instead of staying with the office to fix what he broke, Raja left, to run for the next political office.

Raja has turned into the typical Illinois politician: Ducking responsibility for mistakes made, and leaving Illinoisans to pick up the pieces.

We don’t need a new generation of the same old talk. As the Daily Herald said, we need more than just talk.

I’m guessing K goes, but it’s going to take a price because the Indian Community may well see it an affront.

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