Wednesday, December 07, 2011

We deserved better from Judge Zagel and Fitzgerald; we deserve the truth.

From Fitzgerald's comments on the Balagojevich's sentence,
In sentencing papers, the government contended that “Blagojevich’s criminal activity was serious, extended, and extremely damaging.” The crimes proven at trial were not isolated incidents, but, instead, were part of an approach to public office that Blagojevich adopted from the moment he became governor after he was first elected in 2002 on the heels of gubernatorial corruption and running on a campaign to end “pay-to-play” politics.
If the story's been ongoing since 2002, there is plenty left untold. For such high minded comments from Fitzgerald, he's walking away from the rest of the sordid tale.

You bet Illinosians have had the fabric of our political lives torn apart. Burying the scraps no way to stitch things back together. We deserved better from Zagel and Fitzgerald then just putting the guy who knows so much into a cooler for 14 years, and 600 hours of tapes sealed; never to be heard.  Jackson Jr walks unscathed.  Only the facts from the last act told and a big void from 2002 till then.

Update: Joel Kotkin: Illinois State of Embarrassment Obama's not a Socialist, he does things the Chicago Way,
The evolving scandal over “green jobs” — with huge loans handed out to faithful campaign contributors — epitomizes the special dealing that has become an art form in the system of Chicago and Illinois politics. Beneficiaries include longtime Obama backers such as Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley and Google. Another scandal is building up around the telecom company LightSquared. This company, financed largely by key Obama donors, appears to have gained a leg up for a huge Pentagon contract due to White House pressure.

If the Chicago system had proven an economic success, perhaps we could excuse Obama for bringing it to the rest of us. Most of us would put up with a bit of corruption and special dealing if the results were strong economic and employment growth.

But the bare demographic and economic facts for both Chicago and Illinois reveal a stunning legacy of failure.
Go read the whole thing for the sad sorry statistics on what we've done to Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

He was convicted on information gathered between Oct. 2008 and Dec. 2008...What happened to all the information from all the covert informants from 2002 to present day????The feds got the wire tap subpoena because of John Wyma agreeing to act as an informant...We now know that it was not his idea, is this why the feds had to back him up when they found out it was Wyma who tipped off John Chase?