Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paul Ryan Defends Wyden-Ryan | The Weekly Standard

Ryan on Wyden-Ryan Medicare plan, Paul Ryan Defends Wyden-Ryan

"Are we moving Medicare from a command and control government run system to a market based patient centered system? The answer's clearly yes," Ryan said. "We're taking Medicare from a public-only option to a real-private option and a market-based option in a market-based system." Wyden-Ryan would transform Medicare from a single-payer system into a system in which those entering Medicare after 2022 receive a capped subsidy, or premium support, to purchase health insurance on an exchange. "It runs the money through the person rather than through the government. The marketplace, the patients and the doctors, can make a decision," he said. Ryan-Wyden maintains the exact same "risk adjustment" and means-testing provisions that the GOP budget did (i.e. the sick and poor get a larger subsidy, the healthy and wealthy get a smaller one).

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