Saturday, December 03, 2011

Joe Walsh Town Hall Meeting 3 Dec 2011 St Charles Illinois

Update: More Joe here. At Allen Skillcorn's Value Voters Forum including video via The Prairie State Report. Joe doesn't rest.

Update 8:33PM Via Kane County Chronicle.

Update Dec 4 8:15AM The Daily Herald's coverage. and Clout Street at the Trib

Streamwood resident Jim Cook, 77, said he came to see whether Walsh was as much as a rascal as depicted in the media.

"But he's not," Cook said. "I found the man interesting. ... He has a lot of good ideas. Except that he is too conservative for my point of view. ... I have not voted for a Republican in all my life."


Walsh starts the Town Hall with the Pledge and than recognition of Veterans in the audience.

Walsh responds to question about whether he'll run in the 8th. It's a twelve minute answer. If you don't want to wade through the video, just know he'll decide and announce next Monday. But it's twelve minutes of Joe at his finest. Worth watching.

One guy in the audience told Walsh he was as far left as Walsh was far right, but he'd still vote for him because he likes what Walsh was saying. There were a few of these occupy types in the audience and Walsh has a knack for engaging them.

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