Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Charter school vote delayed; Sposato assailed; Solis paid

Via the trib, Charter school vote delayed; Sposato assailed

A non-Machine Sposato gets drawn out of his ward and then has to endure disrespect from a Solis over a contract to connected players. A Solis who pays himself out of campaign funds to march in parades,
Chicago aldermen get paid $114,000 a year, but a FOX Chicago News investigation finds two of them are paying themselves out of their campaign funds for extra work, like marching in parades, passing petitions, and slating candidates at political meetings.

Ald. Danny Solis (25th Ward) has paid himself $194,778 since 2004.

"My job is to promote the Democratic Party in the 25th Ward, and that's what I paid myself for," Solis said. "If I paid a consultant, they would probably get paid maybe a little more than that if they were doing this full-time."
It's the good people of the 36th and 25th Wards getting stiffed here.

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