Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bobby, We Hardly Know Ye | The Weekly Standard

Barne's on Bobby Jindal, Bobby, We Hardly Know Ye | The Weekly Standard
As a result of disclosure, transparency, and ethics enforcement reforms, the Better Government Association lifted Louisiana from 46th to 5th on its Integrity Index. The Center for Public Integrity places the state 1st in its ranking of legislative disclosure requirements.

Ethics reform plays a significant part in Louisiana’s improved business climate. In 2009, the Gallup Job Creation Index ranked the state number three in the country. In 2010, Site Selection magazine rated its business climate number one in the nation. There’s no dispute that Louisiana’s economy is vastly better than it was.
A great story to be compared to the sorry narrative in Illinois and Gov Quinn. Go read the whole thing. What's with Illinois we can't produce a few of our own Bobby Jindls?

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