Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aiham Alsammarae's back in Washington today

Seems that way if google's Persian to English translation is working.  Via Reuter's TV

Here's a translation of Alsammarae's words today:
Maliki, said Iraq's former Minister Ayham Alsamrayy, really does not represent the Iraqi people. He represents the Iranian mullahs.
Patrick Kennedy said the White House and State Department's Foreign Minister and listen to someone who lies. Professional who will listen that he not only lied, but his name is Al-Maliki, Halahm on the subject is lying,
Meetings with Kennedy.  Meetings with State.  Outside protesting while Maliki's talking with Obama.  Poor Rod on his way to the cooler and all sorts of things start popping again.  Picture below of Alsammarae, Nadhmi Auchi, and Rod Blagojevich at that Four Seasons dinner where Obama allegedly dropped in briefly.
Alsammarae's to Rod's left and partially hidden.  Only in Chicago can a story like this happen!

Update: video of the demo here including Alsammarae speaking along with Tom Ridge, Louis Freeh, and Patrick Kennedy.

Update: Some background on camp Ashraf to help explain what this demo was all about. I'm just curious to see a Chicagoan here participating!

Footnote: Alsammarae on radio Sawa June 2008 supporting the insurgency in Iraq. What were Ridge and Freeh thinking?
Said Minister of Electricity former Ayham Samarrai, who holds American citizenship that operations targeting the multinational forces are the legitimate resistance, and wished to continue, pointing at the same time that he would return to Iraq for practicing his political career. The Samurai, who escaped from an Iraqi prison following a court order to detain him in issues of administrative corruption: "The resistance in Iraq legitimate resistance is against occupation and any resistance in the world against occupation is legitimate, and good resistance to continue and take the right of the Iraqi people and I look forward to increase the wings of political" in the context of a separate, Samarrai said in a press conference held in the Jordanian capital of Amman Sunday he donated as much as $ 2300 U.S. in support of the Democratic Party candidate Senator Obama in Chicago, explaining this by saying: "in the U.S. states you have the right to contribute amounts of cash, and I donated $ 2,300 to Obama." In response to a question by "Radio Sawa" on the membership of the party and its alliances revealed his quest to join the new cluster, led by Dr. Iyad Allawi, said: "We will be mass announced by Iyad Allawi, but not the movement of reconciliation. I support Iyad Allawi is a symbol of Iraqi Arab and agree together many of the of views. " Commenting on the question: "Radio Sawa" about whether he had an alliance with Hazem Shaalan or Mishaan Jubouri said: "I would be that the movement does not speak about names." and display the Samurai documents said that it confirms to stop all legal proceedings against him and his inclusion in the decision of the General Amnesty . referred to the Minister of Electricity former Which Samurai managed to escape from his prison in Baghdad after the suspension on charges of embezzling state funds and damage during his bag and the Ministry of Electricity in the transitional government led by Iyad Allawi. the details of the correspondent of "Radio Sawa" in Amman, Aws al-Tamimi

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