Thursday, November 17, 2011

Olney Daily Mail: Rate negotiation hangs up health-benefits exchange bill

Geez, I gotta read the Olney papers to get the low down on Illinois's planned Health Exchange under Obamacare.
A key issue in negotiations, Harris said, is whether the state-level exchange — an essential part of the federal Affordable Care Act — would have bargaining power under the “active purchaser model.”

Insurance industry officials oppose the exchange having bargaining power because they say the situation could prompt insurers to offer fewer products to consumers on the exchange.

But Harris said, “To have the bargaining power of the entire state, and people who really know what they’re doing making those deals, I think, would work better for consumers.”

An amendment proposed by Rep. JoAnn Osmond, R-Antioch, would change the bill to prohibit an exchange from exercising bargaining powers.
Whow, Illinois needs people who really know what they're doing making those deals. Players like Rezko and Stu Levine who did such a wonderful job for the People of Illinois with that Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.

What a nightmare the US is creating. It could take use decades to repair the damage experts could to do us.

Haven't we been here before? Isn't the word deal red meat in a State where far too many office holders live for the deal? We're going to let them deal our Health Insurance, then retire to some Purple Hotel to party away what they've stolen from us?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill; Frawley's court date has been postponed AGAIN...His lawyer had hip surgery....sure....When do you think one of Chicago's investigative reporters is going to try to interveiw Frawley? He's available, living comfortably in his Westchester home, unlike his partner Rezko...Who won't be granting any interveiws any time soon.

Bill Baar said...

I'd like to interview him.