Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Obama drops Bill Daley the Pilot

Pat Hickey writing demoting Bill Daley's going to cost Obama Illinois.
President Obama was built by many hands, Bill Ayers and Bill Daley. The Bill Ayers part works with the lefty academic, bohemian journalist crowd and the Bill Daley part works.
Certainly seems to have left egg all over Bill's face. Never a good thing for a Chicago Democrat to do. Memories run very long here.

Cartoon at left from Punch long ago when another brash young lad: Kaiser Willie, dropped Bismark as Pilot from the German ship of state.

Update: Human Events take.

Hmmmm. You don’t suppose Obama suddenly became nervous about having a well-connected Wall Street banker as his chief of staff going into the 2012 elections, do you?


Anonymous said...

Look what happened to Blagojevich when he burned all the bridges that got him to the Governors office...

Bill Baar said...

I know... I lot of similarities... Dems on the Hill dislike Obama most I think.