Friday, November 25, 2011

Medicare Administrator Steps Down

Medicare Administrator Steps Down: It was pretty clear that controversial Medicare head Don Berwick wasn’t going to make it past the end of the year, after 42 Republican senators vowed to block his confirmation. On Wednesday, the Obama administration finally announced that Berwick will step down, a major scalp for Republicans in the health care battle, but one that will probably [...]

I couldn't think of a weirder choice to implement ObamaCare than Berwick. A pic of Don at the New Orleans IHI conference in 2003. I was there and heard him give the speech about his knee surgery.

 I could never quite figure out his hold on Docs (one next to me in New Orleans was brought to tears), but as one told me; You know Bill, we're never very good when it comes to money. Everytime there's a Florida land-deal scam, the victims were twelve Docs and a punch-drunk boxer.

Don'll head back to the lucrative job of Evangelist to the Docs and Health Systems Execs. Separating hospital funds from their boards while preaching to the leaders in warm places.

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