Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kane County Chronicle | Four looking to lead the county board

Kane County Chronicle | Four looking to lead the county board:

Two from the GOP, two Democrats; all setting out for Kane County Board chair. One of those Dems going to rely on Social Media to get the job done.
Klinkhammer said she intends to run a campaign that doesn’t involve traditional modern political strategies. She said she intended to use social media, print media and “her extensive network” of contacts in local governments and civic organizations – a network built while she was mayor and a top aide to former Democratic U.S. Rep. Bill Foster – to help get her message out.
If Burns and Lauzen can't keep the mudslinging down they could well hand this to a competent Dem like Klinkhammer. The guys better keep a lid on their supporters. A proven female candidate could well rise above two boys scrapping if that's the way Burns and Lauzen end up playing it.

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Anonymous said...

The thing from Social Media Klinkhamer will need to win Democratic primary over Sarto will be YouTube of Sarto presiding over Carpentersville village board meetings from 2006 to his defeat in 2009