Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Illinois Review: ILGOP Asks: Where's Lisa?

Via Illinois Review, Illinois Review: ILGOP Asks: Where's Lisa?

Pat Brady asks AG Madigan to investigate Speaker Madigan on blocking efforts restructure McCormick Place bonds as reported in Crain's Chicago Business a few days ago.

"These are very serious allegations about Speaker Madigan that require an investigation by Attorney General Madigan," said Brady. "Our state is broke and half a billion dollars went down the drain thanks to infighting and possibly insider profiting."

“Lisa Madigan has repeatedly assured voters in every political campaign that being the daughter of the Illinois House Speaker and State Democratic Party Chairman would not stop her from doing her job,” said Brady. “Now is the time for Lisa Madigan to do her job.”

"I know this may make Thanksgiving at the Madigan house a bit uncomfortable next week, but the Attorney General's oath of office as chief law enforcement officer trumps having a rough family dinner," said Brady.


Anonymous said...

Well we all know where this is going.....no where fast.

Bill Baar said...

afraid so anon, afraid so