Sunday, November 27, 2011

Illinois needs $1 billion more for FY13 budget

Via Illinois State House news, Illinois needs $1 billion more for FY13 budget

The big sucking sound in Illinois of money going down the tubes.
But Collin Hitt, a senior policy adviser with the Illinois Policy Institute, a nonprofit free market think tank, said Kraft and the Quinn budget team need to find a lot more than $1 billion before June.

"Lawmakers are going to have to add $4 billion to the 2013 budget that was not included in the current spending plan," Hitt said.
Hitt is quick to point to the $1 billion in added pensions costs and the $490 million for Medicaid programs, further punctuated by the backlog of unpaid Medicaid bills.
"Illinois is going to need $3 billion next year to keep the backlog of unpaid bills from growing," said Hitt.

Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka's office reports a current backlog of $3.5 billion. The Civic Foundation, a Chicago-based nonpartisan policy watchdog organization, said that backlog will grow to $8 billion by the end of the current budget in June 2012.

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