Monday, November 21, 2011

How much time will Tony Rezko serve? - Chicago Sun-Times

How much time will Tony Rezko serve? - Chicago Sun-Times

Looks like it will be Tony Rezko sentencing week. I'll start a poll for readers on the number of years.

Via the Sun Times Natasha Korecki at the above link,
After complaining about the conditions, Rezko was moved to a county jail in Wisconsin where he continued his cooperation. But its rules meant he hasn’t had any physical contact with family and isn’t allowed outdoors.

He’s lost more than 80 pounds, his lawyers say.

“He has not enjoyed a breath of fresh air or a ray of sunlight for nearly three and a half years, and he has not been allowed to hug his wife or daughter since he left the MCC nearly three years ago,” his lawyers wrote.

The government’s recommendation is significantly more steep than the roughly five and a half years that serial conman and drug abuser Stuart Levine faces. Levine is accused of conspiring with Rezko during Blagojevich’s administrations to win kickbacks from state deals.

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Anonymous said...

I predict he will be released the day after the 2012 elections...